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How to Unfreeze Computer and How to Prevent Computers From Freezing

You have an urgent deadline to submit work or it’s your relaxing time and you are enjoying games at night. And there is nothing move on the computer. I understand how you feel at the time. If you want to fix this in a few steps

Also, want to prevent computers from freezing. Not to face any situation like this. Yeah, you are in the right place. This article suits you so well. This article is all about the same. 

I am going to discuss how to unfreeze computer and how to prevent computers from freezing. But, before that

 You Have to Know if Your Computer Is Deadlocked or Not?

A deadlock is a situation when two (or more) transactions block each other. By holding locks on the resources that each of the transitions also needs. It happens in the SQL server. 

Check if your pc deadlocked or not? 

HOW: How to check if your computer is deadlocked or frequently locked?

Tap the Num button on your Keyword

How to Unfreeze Computer?

  1. End Non-responding Programs With Programming Keys

  2. Restart Your Frozen Computer

  3. Shut Down Your PcEnd non-responding Programs with programming keys

Some non-responding programs may cause your pc frozen up. If you reverse these programs, this may unfreeze your pc. 

Approach1: Press ESC. twice

This action may work, as it works shortly but works

Approach2: On your Keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete together. And press task manager

If your cursor is not moving you can use the arrow keys to move and press Alt+E together to end the task

Here, you go. Now you can enjoy your pc. you can use other methods this does not suit so. 

Restart your frozen computer

If your mouse is not working you can access this all with keys only. For that, you have to follow these steps 

Note: you can delete your unsaved data

Shut down your pc

If your keyboard is deadlocked, then you need not go with other methods. You just need to shut down your computer by pressing the power button or by using the same process as discussed in method2 and1 

Note: You will lose unsaved work. 

How to Prevent the Computer From Freezing

Update Your Operating System

You have to update your operating system if you really want not to freeze your computer. Microsoft updates the operating system itself. If you don’t know how to check updates follow the steps

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Update Drivers

Reduce Programs Running At the Same Time

Run a Security Scan

I hope, this article find suits for you. Feel free to ask queries in the comment section.


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