How to Use Bing AI Chatgpt? Let’s Check!


OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology has been added to Bing. This gives Bing a boost and turns Microsoft’s search engine into something that can hold a conversation. At a Microsoft ChatGPT event in February 2023, company leaders confirmed that OpenAI’s next-level chatbot technology will be added to both Bing and Microsoft’s Edge web browser.

This happened after Microsoft put a lot of money into OpenAI to try to compete with Google’s search dominance. Google plans to release a chatbot called Google Bard that uses AI. ChatGPT also has a paid version called ChatGPT Plus, so the race to make the best AI chatbot is really heating up.

This could be the start of a new way to search the web, where you tell the search engine what you want in a more natural way. But you’ll need to if you want to get the most out of it and understand the difference between ChatGPT and Google Bard. You’ll need to know how to use this new technology to get the most out of it.

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How to Access Bing With ChatGPT?

You can use any browser to access Bing, but right now, the only way to use the new Bing with ChatGPT is to open it in Microsoft’s Edge browser. It can also be used with the Bing app and the mobile version of the Edge web browser. You might not be able to use Bing with ChatGPT just yet, even if you use these apps. At first, only a small number of people will be able to use the new Bing with ChatGPT. However, as the bugs are worked out, more people should be able to use it. If you want to use the new Bing, you’ll need to put your name on a waiting list.

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Step 1: Start Microsoft Edge first. Tap the Start button, type “Edge,” hit Enter, and then go to This is the fastest way.

Step 2: Click Join the list.

Step 3: If asked, type in your Microsoft account’s email address and password.

How to Use ChatGPT With Bing AI?

Here, I’ll show you how to use Bing with ChatGPT by walking you through a search and some common next steps. Note that Microsoft is putting limits on Bing to stop the annoying things that many users have seen happen. You can only have a certain number of chats per session and per day, so you can’t have long chats. Most recently, you can only have 10 chats per session and 120 per day.

Step 1: Open your web browser and go to the Bing page. On the page, there is now a search box that can hold up to 1000 characters.

"how to use bing chat gpt"

Step 2: Type the question you want to ask in the way you would normally ask someone. If you do a regular keyword search, Bing AI probably won’t give you an answer. Avoid saying things like “install Windows 11.” Instead, type a real question like, “How do I install Windows 11 on my computer?”

Step 3: When you start the search, you’ll get a normal list of links in order of how important they are. On the right, you can now find the Bing AI interface, which gives more human-like answers and cites sources. If you click “See more,” you’ll see the full answer. You can give the answer a thumbs up or down to show how you feel about it. This will help the team working on the service improve it.

Step 4: Click the “Let’s chat” or “Chat” button at the bottom of the search box to get to the chatbot. You can always click “Chat” on the Bing homepage to go straight to the Chat. The chatbot page is the first page you see when you open Chat. This search will be different from what you’re used to right away. It’s the same as chatting with someone on WhatsApp, Teams, or Slack.

Step 5: The chatbot will have a “Balanced” conversation style by default. This will let Bing answer in a more neutral way, which means it won’t take a side on a certain topic. But you can change the tone to “Creative” to get more playful and original answers or to “Precise” to get the most accurate answer with more facts.

Step 6: The ChatGPT version of Bing is “content-aware,” which means that the AI will remember your previous searches so you can ask follow-up questions without having to start from scratch. In this experience, you can ask a question that is up to 2000 characters long.

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Step 7: If you want to start a new conversation and forget the last one, click the “New topic” broom icon next to the “Ask anything” box and then ask a new question. Most of the time, you want to test how smart an AI is by asking it hard questions.

Step 8: If you ask Bing a question, it will usually answer in bullet points or numbered steps. Depending on the answer, you may see references with links to where the information came from. If you click on the numbers next to the words in the answer and then on “Learn more,” you can see the sources. You can also move your mouse over the text in the answer to see where that part came from.

Step 9: Move your mouse over the answer and click the thumbs up or down to rate it and help the service’s developers make it better.

Step 10: Just like any other search result, clicking on any of the reference links will take you to the website.

How to Use Bing With ChatGPT on Mobile?

Microsoft’s new Bing chatbot is available on the iOS and Android Bing, Edge, and Skype apps as of February 22, 2023. For these apps to work, you’ll still need to be able to use the new Bing. The new Bing AI can be used with the Bing app and the mobile version of Microsoft Edge as part of the mobile experience. But there is nothing new about the experience.

"how to use bing chat gpt"

It’s the same one you can use on Windows 11, 10, macOS, and Linux desktops right now. You can also use your voice to interact. The chatbot will also be added to Skype by Microsoft. The new version of the app lets users chat or talk to the AI to get answers. The company says it’s a creative way to get a lot of different kinds of information, ideas, and answers to your questions.


Microsoft recently showed off AI-powered updates to Bing and the Edge browser. This was possible because Microsoft and OpenAI, the company that made the popular chatbot ChatGPT, work together closely. People with iPhones or Android phones can now use updated versions of Bing and Edge that have AI features like those in ChatGPT, the company said.

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This means that people can ask questions and get answers in a way that feels like a conversation. Users must first get the Edge or Bing app from their app stores in order to try this. Then, users need to make sure they have signed up for the Bing AI trial and are signed in. Microsoft says that the latest update will help millions of customers.

“We know that 64% of searches happen on mobile phones, so we’re putting out brand-new Bing and Edge mobile apps to help you get around the web when you’re not at your PC.” You must first download the Bing app and then open it to use the feature.

Press the Bing icon at the bottom to start a conversation. Bing AI says that a user can ask as many questions as they want. Keep in mind that you will be added to the list of people who are waiting for Bing AI. You can use Bing’s AI chatbot on your phone if you have already cleaned out your Microsoft account and can use it on your PC or Mac.

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