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 How VR Technology Can Revolutionize Online Casinos

How VR Technology Can Revolutionize Online Casinos


For a long time now, virtual reality has been a hot topic in the tech industry. Many people predicted that VR would be a big part of our everyday life by now, and especially change the way we play games. However, the technology that let people experience an artificial world as it would be the real deal, hasn’t really had its major breakthrough – yet.

As familiar, a VR headset is needed to experience the technology. One of the reasons that virtual technology is not as common as one might have thought it would be by now, is assumed to be that headsets still are quite expensive. However, this is about to change, and the accessibility is heading in the right direction.

Lots of popular video games, such as F1 22, Minecraft, and Skyrim, are now possible to experience in VR. And in recent times, the technology has even been implemented in some of the many online casinos of today.

Online Casinos are Surging in Popularity

Gambling has since long been a popular phenomenon. And since online casinos became the most common way of gambling, instead of at the land-based alternatives, it has grown even more in popularity. With online casinos, players can play all their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes, which is one of the reasons behind its success.

Today, there are lots of online casinos available, and it might be difficult to identify the one that’s best for you. To find an online casino, many people turn to objective reviews, such as the Casino Planet review. Here, all information needed before choosing whether it’s worth registering an account or not is available, everything from bonus offers and payment methods to games and functions.

For the casinos to be able to attract new customers, it’s important that the reviews and opinions in it are positive. Therefore, they need to be able to offer the best gambling experience. One way of doing this is to implement new and modern features, where VR might be one of them.

The Potential of VR in Live Casino

As of now, there are only a few online casinos offering a virtual reality gaming experience. This has to do with the fact that the offer of VR casino games is limited. For example, there are some slot games and some blackjack games that can be experienced in a virtual world, but they are certainly not to be found at any casino. However, as VR is becoming more popular and common, the technology is assumed to be a bigger part of online casinos in the future.

One of the areas in online casinos that show the most potential to use VR is the so-called live casinos. Live casino is part of many online casinos today, and is a separate section where players can find games taking place in real-time.

Common games to be represented are blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, and other games that are usually found at land-based casinos. And just like at the traditional casinos, players face a human dealer and sit around the table with real players. The dealer and the game table are placed in a studio equipped with cameras streaming live, and players are able to communicate with each other.

Today, however, players are only able to sit by the table and press buttons for if he or she wants new cards or want to put more markers in the pot. With VR, a whole new experience would be possible.

A Realistic and Seamless Gambling Experience

Experts and casino gamblers have for a long time been speculating on what a future VR live online casino may look like. One of the most important functions that many believe will happen is that the players will be able to walk around inside the casino.

Instead of having to navigate a menu to select a table to sit by, VR might make it possible for players to walk around among the tables and stop by the one that appeals to them. The purpose of a live casino is to simulate the real-life experience, and this would without a doubt make it more realistic than ever before.

It is also believed that online casinos will take advantage of the controllers that can be connected to the VR headset. With a controller, it would be possible to integrate with the game table in a more seamless way. For example, one could use the controller as a hand to place markers on the table.


It is believed that VR might be able to revolutionize online casinos. There are many thoughts on how this could be done, but no one really knows for sure. However, what most people seem to agree on is that VR online casinos will be a big phenomenon in the future.



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