Influencer Marketing in the Gaming World: Best Practices and Case Studies


Have you ever considered getting into the gaming industry? Of course, you have! Who hasn’t considered playing games all day and getting paid for it. Well, the job isn’t as simple as that, as things never are, but with the right marketing you can break into this very attractive industry. Find out how here.

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Love the player, not the game

The number one thing to remember when it comes to being a gaming influencer or streamer is that the entertainment isn’t coming from the game itself. If your viewers want to play the game, they can play the game. The real fun and why they watch you is for you. So, bring your sparkle. Bring your personality to everything you do. Whether that is reviewing the game, your hilarious commentary, or challenging yourself within the game, people are coming to see you.

Some streamers take this further and create an entire persona around their streaming channel. Dr Disrespect is a good example of this. Under the moustache and wig, who knows who he is? You can start going down this route with the first step and create a fantasy name.

Repurpose your content

Streaming is very much a Marmite situation when it comes to viewing options. They are long, long hours where you have to be fun and engaging the entire time, but, on the other hand, you have a lot of footage that can be used elsewhere. You can put a lot of clips together in editing to create a narrative and post it on YouTube to allow your channel to grow, and you can cut out individual moments that have the capacity to go viral on TikTok and Instagram Reels. And do you know what the dark horse of streaming is? Facebook! You’re likely to get a lot of views by posting clips and videos on Facebook.

Engage with more than the boss battles

Engagement is a big part of growing your audience, especially in the beginning. An underappreciated element of social media marketing is the two-way relationship that social media offers. People recognise people that recognise them. Not to mention, gaming streamers hold a special place in the industry. In exchange for review codes and free games, they are the voice of the people. It’s gaming streamers that are telling developers what they are doing wrong and what the market actually wants. Whether the developer listens or not is besides the point, but you, the streamer, are only going to know what your audience wants by reading chats and comments, talking about it in streams, answering DM’s and ultimately keeping your finger on the pulse. For example, there are lots of people asking for more co-op games, rather than hastily built and added MMO’s to already established games. It’s streamers that are telling the industry bigwigs that.

Find your niche

There was a time on YouTube where you couldn’t say “gaming” without the phrase “Minecraft” following swiftly behind it. It was the biggest game that influencers played and arguably kicked off the gaming genre. That might have died down nowadays, and a big part of that will be because it was impossible to penetrate. You couldn’t compete with the likes of Mr Beast and Captain Sparkles. Today you still have to compete with Dream and TommyInnit.

Instead, find your niche. For one thing, it might not be smart to stick to one game anymore. But it might be smart to find a genre to stick to. Maybe your thing is rogue-likes, first-person shooters, or cosy games. Find a niche and stick to it and your audience will never be disappointed.

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