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Invideo: Everything You Need to Know About This Online Video Editing Tool


Looking to make professional videos within the shortest time possible? Wondering whether this is possible or not? Of course, it’s possible, but only if you have the right video-making tool.

What about using an online video creator? The majority of these video-making tools available online are simple enough to be used even by amateurs. They have a friendly interface and hundreds and thousands of themed templates. This makes it easy even for beginners to make videos right from scratch.

Videos will be an integral part of your marketing strategy if you are running a business, irrespective of the niche you are serving. If you have still not incorporated videos in your marketing plan, it’s high time you do so!

Top-quality videos help connect with the audiences in a very solid manner and convey messages in a better way. Make your information enjoyable for the target customers by using InVideo for making all your marketing visuals!

InVideo: The Way it Works

First things first, you will have to choose any one of the templates available with this online video editor to start with the process of making videos. Just for information, the tool has more than 4000 templates to fit varied styles and projects.

And yes, the templates are easily customizable, giving users the flexibility of adding images, colors, and scenes. In other words, the users have complete control over the templates.

Next, users can export and even upload their videos easily either by exporting them to the social media channels directly or by downloading the same.

Major Attributes of InVideo

InVideo is one online video editing tool that caters to offering services in varied segments. The major features of this tool will surely make your video creating experience seamless and exceptional. The attributes are as follows:

Understanding the Versatility of the Platform

It would not be incorrect to say that InVideo is one of the most versatile video-making tools available online. That’s because of the varied roles and functions it serves. This online video maker is not just suitable for making a stunning video but is also useful as an editor, outro maker, intro maker, video ad maker, and what not! Let’s have a look at its versatility:

Outro Video Maker

The free YouTube outro templates available with this tool will help you in creating some of the best outro videos in a matter of few seconds. This tool is your way of ending videos with a bang while getting the flexibility of creating the perfect ending slides.

With InVideo, you can remain assured of the fact that your audience will remain hooked right till the end of your marketing video. It lets you create professional-quality outros that will surely captivate the audience.

Online Video Editor

There’s no other tool that works as effectively as InVideo when it comes to editing marketing videos. It will help you create professional-grade HD videos by way of its robust and easy-to-use editing features.

This intuitive and super-powerful online video editing tool comes with a plethora of templates, filters, tools, and stickers for making your videos stand out from the crowd. Best of all, it will help you create watermark-free visuals while editing the same with your own media quickly and effortlessly.

Facebook Video Ad Creator

With this tool coming in handy, you will be able to enhance the engagement on your Facebook page and even drive in more traffic by creating some of the most fabulous Facebook video advertisements.

The tool is there for you in your endeavor of creating exclusive Facebook video advertisements easily and quickly. This is one dynamic tool that will help your brand get to great heights of success.

Intro Video Maker

The intro of your video is equally important as the outro, and it plays an important role in hooking the audience. InVideo works in the form of a super-intuitive intro maker that creates awesome introductions for brand videos.

You can use this intro maker for creating some of the most exclusive intros to leave a lasting first impression among the audience.

Invitation Maker

Use this online video-making tool for creating customized invitation videos. The tool can be used for making attention-grabbing and interesting invites for all types of events. The invitations created using this tool are sure to lure the guests towards attending an event.

Poster Maker

Using the InVideo online poster maker, you can design some of the most amazing posters. The tool comes with fully customizable templates that can be used to make posters as per the user’s event. You can use this feature to make your business stand out.

Promo Video Maker

Using InVideo as a promotional video marker will not just endorse your business but will also give it an edge over the competitors. You can use this tool for creating some of the most incredible promo videos featuring captivating music and engaging graphics.

Slideshow Maker

InVideo is also useful in creating slideshows of the best quality. The readymade templates available with this tool make it quick, simple, and easy to create mind-blowing slideshows.

Meme Generator

You can also use InVideo for generating memes. This is one remarkable feature of this tool that has increased its demand in the market.


Available in both free and paid versions, InVideo is one online video-making and editing tool you must definitely try out. Watermark-free visuals, 3 million + media libraries, 3500+templates, automated text-to-speech, and video duration of 15 minutes are some exclusive attributes of InVideo that make it absolutely useful for the users.

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