The Adonit Jot Pro is not the regular stylus you usually see: Instead of a softish round tip, it has a hard metallic and pointy tip with a round transparent plastic disc. This may sound very unusual but it allows you to make very detailed sketches and notes.

Adonit Jot Pro iPad Stylus

The reason why I chose the Jot Pro over other iPad styluses was the fact that I use my iPad almost everyday to take down notes, scribble or brainstorm. Of course, I could use the iPad keyboard or my ZaggKeys PROplus to take down notes, but sometimes I like to quickly write down or sketch something which is rather inconvenient without a stylus.


The metallic tip with the plastic disc make writing on the iPad a great experience. The transparent disc lets you see exactly the actual point drawing the line. Thanks to that, you can draw or write very detailed and you always know exactly where the Jot Pro is going to make the line. Other styluses, which have mostly a black mushy tip, cannot provide that level of precision.

Adonit Jot Pro iPad Stylus

Adonit Jot Pro iPad Stylus

Using the Jot Pro can feel weird in the beginning and you might not even like it at first, but after a short while you’ll appreciate the unusual tip and its precision.

Best Use Cases

I use the Jot Pro mostly for notes and to highlight paragraphs and insert notes into the document while I’m reading on my iPad. The Jot Pro is perfect for that. I am really bad at drawing, so I cannot say much about its performance in this case, but I am absolutely sure that the Jot Pro is great for fine detailed line works.

The general feeling while holding the Jot Pro is very good. It feels very good in my hand just like an expensive pen. One nice feature is the magnet inside the stylus which makes it possible to mount it on the iPad magnetically. This way, it won’t just roll away and, in the worst case, get lost.

Adonit Jot Pro iPad Stylus

One negative point of the Jot Pro is the tapping sound which you will notice in a quiet environment, but it is not necessarily disturbing. Adonit offers a new version of the Jot Pro with a dampening tip, which should lower the tapping sound significantly. Adonit partnered up with several app developers who optimized their apps for Adonit products. You can find a list here. However, I got excellent results on apps that are not optimized for Adonit products, such as Paper.

Another thing that might lower the writing experience is the absence of a palm rejection feature. If you write on your iPad with the Jot Pro and your palm touches the screen, the stylus won’t work anymore. However, this is a general problem with styluses and the iPad. There are more sophisticated ones that have that palm rejection feature, but these are quite expensive.

If you need a stylus for either fine detailed design works or a realistic writing experience, the Jot Pro is probably the best stylus you can get. You can get it at the moment for $29.99 at Amazon. If money is not much of a problem and you want to have the ultimate stylus experience you should check out the Adonit Jot Touch ($79.99). It is pressure sensitive and has a palm rejection feature and shortcut buttons.