Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 7 is going higher on the buzz meter. New leaks about the upcoming device have surfaced on the internet today. The new info tipped some of the main features and specs that we might get to see on the iPhone 7.

The report suggests that Apple’s upcoming device will be thinner and lighter than its predecessors. All the info about the design and specs was published by ET News. The information page also reveals much about how Apple was able to come up with a thinner design for its upcoming flagship. Two major elements that contributed to the making of the thinner device are – RF (Radio Frequency) chip and the Fan Out Packaging technology.

How is Apple planning on achieving this goal?

Throwing some light on the Fan Out Packaging technology, it enables OEMs to extend the input/output terminals within the board by shifting the situation of the wiring. It’s all a bit technical, but basically, manufacturers can fit more on the motherboard with increasing its size. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are a little thicker than their predecessors and also have smaller batteries, but the Fan Out Packaging technique should help Apple go the opposite direction with the next iPhone.

A side effect of the thinner body might mean that the rumors about the iPhone 7 not sporting a regular 3.5 mm headphone jack could be true. It’s also expected to come with the Apple A10 SoC, which would not be surprising as every major new iPhone is accompanied by a newer, faster version of Apple’s in-house mobile chipset.

It’s not often that leaks about upcoming smartphones talk about the engineering aspect in such detail, and these titbits do make things more plausible than some of the rumors that come up now and then. We are a few months away from the iPhone 7’s (and the iPhone 7 Plus’) launch, but a thinner, lighter and longer lasting Apple flagship does certainly looks very interesting.

Image Source: Neurogadget