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 Reasons and Solutions Why iPhone not sending texts to android

Reasons and Solutions Why iPhone not sending texts to android

Some Points to be considered when your iphone not sending texts to android: 

  • If your iPhone is having problems sending messages to an Android phone, there are a few things you may try.
  • It’s important to make sure your iPhone is set up to send text messages and that the Android’s phone number isn’t already associated with an iPhone.
  • If your iPhone is having problems sending SMS to Android phones, try the following six solutions.

Any mobile phone, in principle, could communicate with any other mobile phone via text messaging. But hiccups are possible, especially when switching from iOS to Android. It is possible that your iPhone will experience issues sending texts to Android devices. A number of solutions exist if you encounter this issue.

iphone not sending texts to android

Configure your iPhone to send SMS messages

This may not be an issue at all if you only communicate with other iPhone users via iMessage, but there is an option to switch to SMS when iMessage is down. It’s a good idea to turn this on.

Launch Messages from the Settings menu. Send as SMS can be activated by swiping the button to the right, which can be found about halfway down the page.

Check Airplane mode

If you’re having problems sending or receiving texts on an Android phone, check your cellular connection. Problems can be temporarily fixed by turning off and then back on your iPhone’s cellular radio. To activate Airplane mode, swipe down from the screen’s top right to reveal the Control Center and then select the appropriate option. To restore wireless connectivity, wait a moment and then hit the button again.

Restart the iPhone

A simple restart of your iPhone may also solve the problem. In addition to fixing any temporary issues with the wireless network software, this will also fix any issues with the Messages app and other background services. This article will show you how to restart an iPhone in case you forget.

Ask the Android owner to deregister iMessage 

A lot of folks can be taken aback by this issue. The Android user may be receiving iMessages instead of SMS texts from iPhones if the Android user’s phone number is still associated with the Android user’s previous iPhone despite the SIM card being swapped out. iMessages never arrive because Android can’t read them. How do we fix it? To stop receiving iMessages on Android, the Android user must have Apple remove their phone number from their account.

Check for iOS updates

Check to see if there are any available iOS upgrades that could solve the issue. To access General, launch Settings on your iPhone. Select Software Update to apply any available upgrades.

Reset your network settings

If you’ve already tried everything else on this list, and still no Android users are receiving your SMS, resetting your iPhone’s network settings may be your last choice. This should be used as a last resort only, as doing so will remove all of your network settings, including any saved Wi-Fi network passwords or associated Bluetooth devices. If you’re willing to give this a shot, however, your phone may soon be working normally again.

  1. Launch the Settings menu and select General to get started.
  2. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > iPhone.
  3. To start over, number four is to press the reset button.
  4. Select Reset Network Settings from the pop-up menu and confirm your selection. 

iphone not sending texts to android


Therefore, this tutorial has covered everything you need to know to fix the “iPhone won’t send messages to non-iPhone” issue. If the problem still persists after attempting the aforementioned steps, it’s time to seek professional help. Additionally, AnyDroid might be a terrific choice for users seeking a programme that will assist them in safely migrating data from an iPhone to an Android device.

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iphone not sending texts to android


Q1: Why can’t I text Non-iPhone users from my iPhone?

You can’t send to people who don’t have iPhones because they don’t have iMessage. It appears that you are sending all of your communications to other iPhones over iMessage instead of normal (or SMS) text messaging. Any attempt to send a message to a phone that doesn’t support iMessage will fail.

Q2: Why would a text message not be delivered Android?

Someone on the receiving end elected not to receive communications. Your number was placed on the block list of the recipient. It was prohibited to send that message. The recipient’s network had technical difficulties.

Q3: Why can’t Android receive texts from iPhone?

If this is the case, all messages sent to your iPhone will arrive as iMessages, which your Android phone is unable to read. This can occur, for instance, if you transfer your SIM card from an iPhone to an Android phone.

Q4: Why are my iPhone texts not sending?

Your iMessage settings may be configured to use your Apple ID rather than your phone number if you have both an iPhone and another iOS or iPadOS device, such as an iPad. Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive to verify that your phone number is enabled for outgoing and incoming text messages.

Q5: How do I enable SMS on my iPhone?

If you haven’t previously, activate Messages by going to Settings > [your name] > iCloud. iCloud stores all of your iPhone’s messages, both sent and received. All of your chats are synced to any new device you sign into with the same Apple ID, provided that device also has Messages in iCloud enabled.

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