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 Let’s Find Out Fake Dating Profile Example

Let’s Find Out Fake Dating Profile Example

In the search for a good partner, what all ways have you tried to meet that one person? I don’t know about yours, but my friends have tried dating apps, and here is what I would like to tell you about their experience. What do you think are dating apps legit? Or even if dating apps are legit, are the people on such dating apps real. I am not saying it just like that, but even the FBI suggests that 10% of dating profiles are false, and scammers have brought in more than $50 million.

But do you know what the actual problem is? The problem is not the fake profile, but if you fall for that profile, you would be heartbroken when you discover such a fact. So it’s very imperative to be cautious in such cases and to be double sure about the person you want to date. Let’s check out how you can spot fake online dating profiles.

So Let’s See What a Fake Dating Profile Looks Like.

Check the Number of Photos

While a small number of images on a dating site doesn’t always mean you’re falling for a con, it’s clearly a warning sign. Everyone knows that their profile images are the first thing that people notice, and picking the right ones may be difficult. That’s why bogus dating accounts try to entice you with stunning photographs. But how do you know it’s actually them in that photo? When there are many photos available, most likely it is not a fake account, but people being brilliant can still be counterfeit.

Let me explain to you with the example, you met a guy named “x” on a dating app, and you checked his profile. His profile had 10, 15 photos, but the problem is, it’s only his single ones; the fishy thing here is that a genuine person generally uploads his/her near and dear ones pictures as well(think about yourself ).

Check Their Other Social Media Handles

Don’t just like a dumb person who is looking for a partner. Be smart and look for a smart one for yourself. So when you like a person on any dating app, make sure you check his/her other social media handles. Through this, you will be able to validate the individual’s existence. Also, go for a dating site that also has the individuals’ social media handles links on the app itself so that the dating app is also working too hard to provide you a good authentic partner.

Almost every online dating profile has a few social media accounts attached to it. So it’s a little suspicious if someone refuses to join on any other platform.

If you realize you have no means of knowing if the person you’re speaking with is genuine, it’s a warning indicator that they might not be. I am just eager to share a real incident that happened with my friend a few days back, there was a guy on a dating app, and my friend got in touch with him (obviously, this is what dating apps are for). A friend met him in a café, and his suspicious behaviour pushed my friend off from the man. When she returned home and checked the guy out on insta, she saw that the man was married ( yes, it ended sooner than we thought).

Hiding Details

The above examples take me to this point where you can know whether the individual is real or fake is through the details he is telling you. Nothing beats conversing with a possible mate who appears to be genuinely interested in you. However, if you believe that this attention is being directed toward you solely because your match is unwilling to divulge anything about themselves, you may be in trouble.

If you notice that the individual you’re speaking with isn’t answering any questions about themselves, consider why. Often, these bogus dating accounts may change the topic of discussion to manipulate their intended victim. Don’t be taken advantage of by someone who gives you the attention you deserve.

Ask to Meet in Person

It might be nerve-wracking to meet someone for the first time in person. However, you should certainly take a step back if you believe their bizarre justifications and rescheduling have more to do with them disclosing their genuine identity than with first-date butterflies.

Wrapping Up

Online dating may be challenging, but it can also be a lot of fun. It’s an excellent approach to meet possible companions on your own terms. Online dating is not anything to be terrified about. Instead, ensure that you make reasonable efforts to ensure your safety. Before engaging with someone online, keep red flags in mind.

Richard Ellis

Richard Ellis

Richard Ellis is a Eurogamer reporter who is interested in streaming, people and communities, and providing marginalized individuals a voice.
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