Download the Best Live Wallpaper Android-step-by-step Guide

We love our phones and the thing that first meets the eye when we start it is the wallpaper. While you may have set your favorite image as the wallpaper, it can get boring and may need to be altered. Many devices allow the live wallpaper, android being no exception. 

Live Wallpaper Android

The good news is you do not have to do this manually. Animated or interactive wallpapers are also called live wallpapers. They move and interact with you, never letting you feel bored. 

I will first explain the process you have to follow to get live wallpapers on your favorite Android device. But, if you already know that then skip the first part and go to the next where I give a list of live wallpapers android devices can have. 

How to Get a Live Wallpaper on Android?

Step #1 : Navigate to Google Play Store in your Android phone home screen and click on it to open the Play Store.

Step#2 : In the Google Play search bar, search for ‘live wallpaper’ and you get an amazing bunch of results. 

Step#3: Choose the best wallpaper and select it. 

Step#4: You are automatically redirected to the information page. 

Step#5: Navigate to the ‘Install’ button. You can locate it at the top of the page.

(If you cannot find the ‘Install’ button but find a ‘Buy’ button instead then it means that the wallpaper will cost money. If you are ready to invest then click on it and a pop-up will appear where you will choose your payment method. Keep following the prompts and the installation process completes.)

Live Wallpaper Android

Step#6: A pop-up appears seeking your confirmation. Of course, you have to confirm it. 

Step#7: Wait until the installation process completes. 

Step#8: If the installation completes then you get a notification regarding it.

Step#9: Press and hold the home screen of Android. 

Step#10: You get either of these options: ‘Wallpaper’ and ‘Live wallpaper’. (If you get ‘wallpaper’ then click on it >> then click on ‘Live wallpaper’. On the other  hand, if you get ‘Live wallpaper’ directly then click on it. )

Step#11: Your newly installed wallpaper will appear in the settings of ‘live wallpaper’. 

  • Tap on the name of this wallpaper >>
  • The wall paper will load >>
  • Navigate to the lower part of your screen and select ‘apply’ 

Step#12: You find yourself on the homescreen with your new wallpaper showing there. 

Give yourself a pat on the back!

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A List of Live Wallpapers for Android

Live Wallpaper Android

Here are the most popular types of wallpapers for Android. You are sure to find your type among them. The next part contains links to sites where you will surely find your next live wallpaper. 

Fish live wallpaper

If you just love to dive deep into the ocean even from the comfort of your own room then this is what you should be looking for. Fish life wallpapers are like having an aquarium on the Android device screen. 

Want your own fantasy land fathoms deep in the ocean? Add some mysterious rocks and some glittering air bubbles to the foreground. Your Android device will look like a clip out of a fairy tale. Try them out today.

Forest life wallpaper

A forest life wallpaper is like watching a forest in real time. There will be majestic mountains and a dense forest. The wallpaper will change its brightness according to the time of the day. 

Hence, get lost in a forest safari at day or night time from the convenience of your home.

Raindrops live wallpaper

Music lovers often listen to birds singing early in the morning and the music of raindrops by their windows. If it sounds like you then these wallpapers are for you. 

The Android device screen will look like a glass window splashed with rain water. A deep and calming sight, I know. 

Still could not find the exact wallpaper of your dreams? Click here. Here is a list of the free wallpapers.

Here is another collection of wallpapers that appeal to your vision.

Do you think you need even more variety? Check out these cool live wallpaper apps.


I hope I have been able to tell you how to download live wallpaper on Android devices, what they are and how they work. If you found this blog useful then show your appreciation by commenting which live wallpaper is your favorite. 

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