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Location Plays Key Role in UK Mobile Search

UK Path to Mobile Purchase

According to a study conducted by Nielsen in February 2013, location plays an important role for UK Mobile searchers. Almost 50 percent of mobile searchers expect search results to be within walking or driving distance. About 40% of mobile searchers intend to make a purchase within the day, of whom 9% are willing to obtain a product or service immediately, UK searchers show less immediacy compared to US searchers.

Key findings

Huge Opportunity for Mobile Advertisers

With only 34% knowing what they are exactly looking for, mobile advertisers have the opportunity to influence searchers purchase decision. Especially advertisements with location-based content seem to perform very well. A study conducted by IAB found that 59% of UK mobile phone users couldn’t live without their mobile so don’t miss this opportunity!

Successful mobile advertising campaigns must be tailored to distinct device and category nuances as a ‘one size fits all’ approach won’t produce the desired results.

Monica Ho, Vice President of Marketing, xAd, Inc.

Make sure to optimize your mobile advertisements for your target group and include address data as well as contact details like a telephone number. Check out our beginner’s guide to location-based mobile advertising for more information about this topic.

Infographic – UK Mobile Path to Purchase

Call measurement service provider Telmetrics and location-based mobile advertising network xAd created an infographic to visualize the mobile path to purchase for the UK market.

About The Study

Nielsen conducted an online survey in February 2013 of more than 1,500 smartphone and tablet users who engaged in Travel,- Restaurant or Automotive-related mobile activity in the past 30 days. All three categories are projected to show major growth over the next 3 to 5 years.

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