Madvertise Launches Mobile Campaign Tracking madTrust

Berlin-based mobile advertising company madvertise launched its new mobile campaign tracking madTrust earlier this week. With current mobile performance buying being non-transparent, madTrust seeks to solve this problem.

Using verified numbers from independent third-party providers, madTrust offers greater transparency for mobile ad campaigns and real-time ROI optimization. Partners include more than ten independent mobile tracking providers including adeven and HasOffers.

Transparency and trust are key when it comes to optimize on the advertiser’s return on investment. That is why our approach is different from others as we optimize in real-time on real conversion numbers from independent partners. This puts us into the position to further the performance and ROI to a higher and more valuable degree.

Vincent Pelillo, COO of madvertise

Daniel talked to adeven CEO and Co-Founder Christian Henschel about mobile campaign tracking and the future of mobile advertising a few weeks ago. With more companies willing to spend money on the mobile advertising market, tracking becomes more and more important to to justify budgets.

Mobile advertising must be measurable. Without it there is no solid base on which to make decisions essential for campaign optimization. Tracking is a crucial ingredient and through this, partners such as madvertise can demonstrate their platform’s performance over competitors’ and quantify value add.

Improved campaign measurement, accountability and transparency will enable the industry to come of age, unlocking the huge advertising budgets that really should be spent on these fresh marketing channels.

Christian Henschel, CEO, adeven

madTrust is used with over 200,000 publishers already. The tracking technology is included in the madvertise SDK and works with performance-based campaigns. More information is available on

Images courtesy of madvertise

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