A very common question of the gadget juniors and the experts is how to make a stunning photo with a phone. If you have tried it once, you will try it again. If you have tried it a hundred times, you will try it a hundred more. The question of whether you can take a picture with a phone of the same quality is still hanging in front of your eyes. It is the best piece of advice that can keep you occupied for a longer period of time.

So, how to make a stunning photo with a phone? Do you need applications to add blur easily? What to consider when choosing lighting when shooting? Here are some simple photography tips with the phone which can help you improve your skills as a photographer.

Choose a smartphone with the right camera

How to make a stunning photo with a phone begins with your choice of camera. The most important aspect of taking pictures with the phone is to find a camera that has lenses that suit your need. The lenses should be able to focus light in the right areas. The camera should allow you to focus at a distance of 200 feet as well. In case you are taking landscape shots, the long lenses give a greater distance.

Different image – different camera positioning

Your eye should also be trained on the object of the shot. Some people prefer to take pictures of moving objects while others prefer to take pictures of still objects. It all depends on your choice, preferences, and requirements.

While taking a photo of a moving object, make sure the object is not too close or too far away. Also, do not forget to pay attention to the surrounding. You need to pay attention to the surroundings because it can spoil a beautiful photo opportunity. If the background is not proper then the photos could end up looking bad. Also, do not forget to use a tripod while taking picture of any object because a tripod will enable you to keep your focus on the object while taking a photo.

Now, if you are wondering how to make a stunning photo with a phone then you need to know that you can add depth of field by pressing the send button of your camera. This will let the camera take a whole in the middle of the image. This will make the image look more dynamic. So, if you want to capture a whole in an image then use this tip.

Light is important

Another thing you need to know about how to make a stunning photo with a phone is that taking shots in dim light will be better for your photographs. It might seem weird but it is true. The reason is that using flash in low light will make the picture appear red since flash usually affects red colors. So, it is suggested to use low light while taking pictures.

Use photo editors

Do not forget to edit your photos once you have taken them. You can use your cell phone’s editing software to edit the picture or you can do it manually by using the manual mode. If you want to edit the picture, you need to highlight the object you want to change in the photo. Once you click on the highlighted area, you will be able to see the editing options. There are hundreds of applications in which you can process photos. Some applications remove red-eye, there are levitation photo makers, etc. So the smartphone user has a wide range of choices to make the photos perfect.

More practice

Another great tip about how to make a stunning photo with a phone is that you need to practice often. You need to take pictures regularly so that you can improve your skills. Plus, this will also allow you to learn new things about your phone. As a result, you will be able to take pictures in a better way that you can use them for your official or personal life. If you are taking pictures frequently, you will get better at taking the perfect ones.

Choose your background carefully

One more useful tip that you can follow when learning how to make a stunning photo with a phone is to look for some backgrounds that would suit your shots. The best thing about using backgrounds is that you can choose different ones to be used during different occasions. If you are taking pictures of people, you can go for natural scenes like trees or flowers. If you are taking pictures of landscapes, you can get yourself an environment where there are minimal trees and a minimal amount of wind. All in all, using backgrounds will make your pictures look much better than what they would normally look like.

Take care of your phone memory

When taking pictures with a phone camera, make sure you have enough memory. More memory will help you to store more pictures. Also, make sure the settings are all set and the phone has a good sound system. By taking these simple tips about how to make a stunning photo with a phone, you will be able to take better pictures than ever.