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 How to make text bold, italic and strikethrough on Google Plus

How to make text bold, italic and strikethrough on Google Plus

For some mysterious reason Google+ doesn’t currently offer a quick way for users to make the text within their posts bold, italic or strikethrough. However, there are still two ways for you to format your Google+ posts.

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Post Editor for Google Plus – Chrome Extension

If you are using Google Chrome as your main browser, this is probably the easiest and quickest way for you to style your Google+ posts. Simply install the Post Editor for Google Plus extension, go to your Google+ profile and see for yourself how this brilliant extension works.

What you will see after installing the extension is this:

google plus text gif

Now go on and type in some text, select the word(s) you want to make bold, italic or strikethrough and press the according button below the text box. First you will just see asterisks, underscores and hyphens, but don’t worry, the end result will look just fine!

bold italic strikethrough google plus text

As you can see, you can add some fancy symbols to your text posts as well!

Manually format Google+ text

If you aren’t using Google Chrome at all, there’s still a way to format your Google+ text posts.


To make text bold simply enter your text between two asterisks ( * ).

*This is how you make text bold*


To make text italic enter your text between two underscores ( _ ).

_This is how you make text italic_


To make text strikethrough enter your text between two hyphens ( – ).

-This is how you make text strikethrough-

More tips?

Please share your favorite Google Plus tips and tricks in the comments below!

Cleo Hall

Cleo Hall

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