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Mobile Consumer Behavior And Trends 2012 – Infographic

mobile consumer behavior and trends

Mobile is here to stay and no one can deny that fact. Just pay attention to the latest technology news. Most of the time you find stuff about the new iPad Mini or the release of the new Google Nexus 4. Mobile related news easily outnumber the ones about laptops.

The mobile movement is a very hot topic for any kind of company. Every company should be able to find good reasons to engage in mobile. If it’s mobile commerce for big online shops, or having a strong local and mobile profile for the restaurant around the corner.

Unfortunately the management of many companies is hard to convince to form budgets for mobile marketing. In order to gather good arguments for a mobile approach, you need solid stats and facts that back up your points.

If you’re looking for relevant facts and numbers or if you are simply interested in the rise of mobile, the infographic below is just for you.

I put together relevant and interesting facts and designed the most recent infographic on mobile consumer behavior and trends of 2012:


Tweetable Facts:

So, have you made your mind up yet? Here are some stats for you to ponder and tweet:

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