During the last year we have seen that more and more businesses use mobile technology for their events. You can even have your ticket on your mobile phone: Apple introduced Passbook (a native ticketing and coupon app) and events start using their own native apps, including apps for Apple’s WWDC and the SXSW conferences. All this is a clear sign that mobile event management and ticketing is on the rise.

QuickMobile, a mobile event software solution, reports that in 2012 its mobile app development has increased by 400% compared to 2011. A significant part of the growth comes from QuickMobile’s Fortune 500 clients, including Disney, Microsoft, Dell and many others.

According to a recent study by EventSpot from Constant Contact, 81% of small businesses are planning to use mobile technology to market their events in 2013.

81 percent of businesses plan to use mobile technology for events

But there is still a gap to fill between interest- and skill level: 90% of respondents said that they would like to learn how to use mobile event technology to their advantage.

“Mobile technology offers the distinct advantages of reach, convenience, and affordability. But until small businesses have the proper training, many won’t be able to leverage mobile tools to maximum advantage.” – Chris Litster, EventSpot

Also, 15% of respondents report using a smartphone frequently for event planning. Out of these 15%, only less than 30% offer registration and mobile payments.

uses of mobile event planning 2012

Mobile Event Management Is On The Rise – 4 Trends You Should Know About

In spite of the above numbers being quite low, the trend indicates that 2013 will be “the year of mobile events”. The study has shown that small businesses will significantly increase their usage of mobile technology during events. Within the next 6 months:

  1. 49% plan to offer mobile registration and payments (up from 29%)
  2. 23% plan to send “save the date” notifications (up from 16%)
  3. 25% plan to provide event schedules via an app (up form 5%)
  4. 22% plan to offer mobile check-in (up from 6%)

If you want to learn more about the newest trends in mobile marketing check out our infographic about mobile consumer bahavior and trends!

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