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6 Cool Modern Minecraft House Ideas

Minecraft House Ideas

Modern houses are everyone’s dream. And when it’s a game, we’ll need to design a house as per our dream. Our dreams are very high, and we just need a platform to show our creativity. Here is the platform Minecraft, where you can easily design and show your dream house with every aspect you want. 

While Minecraft has thousands of houses blueprint all over the internet, the most popular design players that have been drawn in recent times are modern houses. Compared to other designs, it features slick designs, relatively cheap buildings, and Redstone mechanics’ clever usage. Modern houses have already gathered popularity of massive amount. 

Modern Minecraft House

The most beautiful thing about Minecraft is about honing your craft yours improving. As a player also, your taste follows the suit and it also develops your skill slowly. Small shacks which are dirty also can be converted into a modern villa and beautiful house. A simple cobblestone can also be converted or replaced with terracotta or a jungle tree and a pile of sand blocks you. Sometimes throwing over the floor instead of using in building a bed can actually become a bed. 

At some point in the life of a player, there comes a time when they start to feel that their building house skills should reach to next level or to try out a whole new design to incorporate this feeling to style it and have luxury also. Building an entire castle and out of gold is the best design one could make. Its a modern architecture. 

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Architecture Point of View

Modern architecture and contemporary architecture is two of the most popular designs of building in Minecraft. In contemporary architecture, the use of innovative approaches and the design choices are minimalist to make a house of tomorrow and today. In modern architecture, is despite its name that is quite old also. With the heavy creations of concrete such as Villa Savoye or Fallingwater, it falls back to early 1920’s dates. These two architecture are united by the amazing themes of these styles that fits in this game. 

The reason behind the lending of modern and contemporary houses to the Minecraft is probably because they build up the square blocks, it’s a fact which is said by Andyisyoda, who is professional Youtuber and an aspiring architect and is famous worldwide and known just because of his skills with these styles. Many of the modern houses have a lots of cleaning looking straight lines which a relative lacking of the diagonal lines and horizontal composition which is strong. All you have to do is to place the blocks in just a simple row and add some windows carefully and add some few vertical elements also. Now you have something which mostly looks like a real life house. 



Colors, Decoration, Furniture

  1. It can be overwhelming about the abundance of the block designs and ideas. Or it may feel tedious about the constant making of a traditional house. If this is happening, then making a modern house is a great alternative. 
  2. The players who are choosing the path of modern houses for their homes have a lots of inspiration to choose from and these modern buildings in Minecraft give a roughly idea to the players to know what they need to do, how their design will look and where and when they need to start their planning. 
  3. This game have so much in detailing also which is better for a real experience to take that all in. The interior in the houses also looks fabulous and also it gives players some ideas about the proper use of blocks and where they need to place them. It makes your idea looks effective and helps you in making furniture and also do decoration.  
  4. People also likes landscaping and greenery which is very important in making modern buildings in Minecraft. Or else, the buildings will be lifeless or will feel cold and a bit too blocky. There are organic and intricate patterns and colors also for the plants to help in varying the designs of the modern mansions or villas. 
  5. Building a house in desert is a challenging work in real life but it’s easy in Minecraft. The environment in the game is not as aesthetically pleasing as in other biomes and it’s not the best choice for a person to survive due to few resources like woods and livestock. But it’s not that we can’t build there. It’s possible to make a cook looking modern Minecraft to build in a desert. 
  6. Players should attempt to build the large mansion houses at least once in the Minecraft career if they are not afraid of making the bigger buildings. It’s the long task which actually requires the grinding of the resources but it’s definitely worth the time and work. 

I hope, the article finds helpful for you. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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