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 Multi versus season 1 Battle Pass will have 50 tiers and cost around $10 | VGC

Multi versus season 1 Battle Pass will have 50 tiers and cost around $10 | VGC

Multi versus season 1, Developed by Player First Games, the MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass includes 50 tiers and costs in the $10 / £8 range. Founder Tony Huynh and MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh took to Twitter this week to discuss the size and cost of the Season 1 Battle Pass. 950 Gleamium, he said, but there are 50 tiers. A gold coin and Geranium currency are available in the beta, which can only be purchased with real money at the time of this writing.

Multi versus season 1


There are currently four-packs of Gleamium available for $9.99 / £7.99 each.

On July 19, Warner began the ‘Preseason’ by releasing the MultiVersus open beta in early access.

The Preseason Battle Pass has a free and a paid version, with the free version allowing all players to earn rewards, and the paid version granting access to the most valuable cosmetics.

Both of the Preseason Battle Pass tracks have 15 tiers of character skins, profile icons, XP, coins, and other cosmetic items. MultiVersus currently requires players to spend at least $250 / £200 to unlock all of the game’s content. Player First Games has stated that an update will be released after EVO 2022, which will take place from August 5-7, to improve Wonder Woman and weaken Bugs Bunny.

On August 9, the MultiVersus Season 1 update and Battle Pass are likely to arrive.

Season 1 of Multiverse has been postponed indefinitely.

On Wednesday night, the game’s official Twitter account announced that the first season of content for MultiVersus would be delayed until an unspecified date.

When season 1 was originally scheduled to begin on August 9, Morty from Rick and Morty was also supposed to be released as a playable character. In the first season, Rick was supposed to join the game at an unspecified later date.

While this may come as a disappointment to some, Player First Games assured the gaming community on Twitter that it remains committed to bringing new and exciting content to its users.

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Multi versus season 1


Q1: How much does Multi Versus cost?

In MultiVersus, a free-to-play platform fighting game. You can team up with your friends to fight as Batman, Shaggy, and other iconic characters!

Q2: What’s going on with MultiVersus?

Currently, there is no downtime scheduled for the MultiVersus servers. A patch will not be rolled out after the open beta goes live on July 26 because there are no scheduled maintenance periods. If the servers go offline, we’ll keep an eye on the latest updates from the developers to see if they announce a maintenance period.

Q3: Is there a two-player mode for MultiVersus?

Go to the “Custom” option.

In order to play the game, select a mode (e.g. 2v2).

Ringouts, times, and maps are all up to you.

Use the “Invite Friends” feature to invite members of Teams 1 and 2.

When you’re ready to begin, click “Start Match” to get the game started.

Q4: When is MultiVersus scheduled to be released?

In a statement, Player First Games confirmed that MultiVersus will be available on all Microsoft-owned platforms. MultiVersus will be available to anyone who owns an Xbox One. Also Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X in July 2022.

Q5: Is MultiVersus  available Online?

Because of the age restriction, players under the age of 18. Will be unable to participate in the game’s online mode. To get out of offline mode, you’ll need to change your age in MultiVersus. First, if you can’t play cross-platform, check to see if the option is enabled.Multi versus season 1

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