Must-Have LMS Features To Ensure Return On Investment


The goal behind implementing an LMS in your workplace is to reduce administration costs, render effective learning and produce improved results. You should check what your LMS’ return on investment is in order to make sense of the above metrics in terms of money. Do you think it is a good idea to purchase a particular LMS that you wish to have? Is your current LMS still working for you? Do you need to switch to some other LMS? Will upgrading the LMS solve your ROI issues? All these questions will lead you to know in-depth about how and why ROI is important. Let’s check some features that LMS should have to ensure your ROI.

An Intuitive UI / UX

The delivery of your LMS should be easy to understand. If learners are not able to find and use the features, they are not going to achieve the desired results. It will make sure that the delivery of knowledge is effective if learners can easily navigate the LMS. The dashboard must show options like enrolled courses, completion status, analysis, upcoming lessons, and a search bar. These are some basic features that a learner may frequently need. Keeping it simple and easy to comprehend is the key.

Integration Software

The requirement to log into different applications can be irritating for learners. LMS must have an integration feature where you can connect it to different apps. Integrate your LMS with other apps that the learner may need. This will help them to sign in once for LMS and access all the apps that are integrated into it. Similarly, if there is any update for any of the apps, LMS will notify the users. You can integrate LMS with HR tools, google docs, video conference tools, Microsoft office, and other messengers that are required for communication. This will ease the workflow for your employee while learning.

Multilingual Support

The LMS should support multiple languages for learners to switch languages according to their preferences. This will provide learners with a better understanding, disregarding the language barrier. By doing so, learners will relate to the course’s content and be more engaged in the course. Additionally, it motivates them to finish the course, resulting in a higher completion rate. As a result, the overall result of the learner’s progress improves, in turn contributing to the company’s success.

Custom Reports

Tracking the employees’ learning status and performance is one factor that will help the organization to improve the course structure. These reports act as feedback that is needed to address the concerns of the learners. For your company to be successful, you need reports that provide insight into progress.

Certificate Management

Learners are encouraged to perform better when they are going to receive a certificate of completion. A certificate makes it easy for companies to recognize the learners’ abilities. As a result, you can decide which employees should be considered for promotion or advancement in duties. An effective employee base can help the company to become more productive.


With ROI being an important factor to consider, more and more companies are aligning their learning process with their business goals. Investing in LMS that provides features to improve ROI is one such thing that will be beneficial for your company. You can check the various LMS and their prices for a better decision. Also, there are LMS that have pricing based on users. For example, Docebo pricing is not fixed and is based on a number of users. You can opt for such LMS if you have fewer users.

The purpose of spending money on LMS is to ensure it provides objective learning by cutting your costs for the same and helping your company reach the intended learning outcome. For effective learning and a company’s ROI, your LMS must incorporate the above features to make it more successful.