Netflix launches to assess download speed for your connection

Netflix revealed on Wednesday that it is going to announce, which is an online tool for its global users to measure their download speeds. However, it does not mean that the website is limited to just Netflix users, anyone can monitor their network’s download speed through the website. helps in assessing broadband and mobile internet connections. Through the website, users can also find the cause why their network is slow or has streaming glitches.

In a blog post, Netflix stated,“We all want a faster, better internet, yet internet speeds vary greatly and can be affected by other users on your network or congestion with your Internet service provider,”

The video-streaming giant also suggested that if the users are not getting the speed that their data plan promises, then they must consult the service provider, right away. is an ad-free service and can be easily accessed through a smartphone, tab, smart TV, or laptop. The info that the website provides is based on the download speeds that are offered by various service providers all around the world (in the form of ISP Speed Index). Netflix has kept the service very simple as it requires no plugins, no configuration, and without an option to check upload speeds. There is also a toolkit available on the website, which will conduct a quick test to assess if there is a problem with user’s connection.

To recap, Netflix launched new settings for its streaming service, which enabled users to adjust data usage while viewing videos. Now with the launch of, Netflix’s settings will come in more handy. Interestingly, the website also shows a quick link to for comparison between the tests. On a lighter note, we think that the internet service providers are going to get a lot of complaints after the test results are out on

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