Netflix not working on your Samsung Smart TV? Here’s what to do

Oh! So, you are a Samsung Tv user and a Netflix lover too. You loved to stream Netflix on Samsung Tv but, unable to do so. That’s why you want to know why my Netflix not loading on Samsung tv? and what should I do to solve the same. 

There are several reasons which might be a factor of this. But, why are you worried. when I am here. I am going to share effective reasons and solutions so, you can stream Netflix on Samsung tv. you just need to follow the step-by-step guide by following the instructions carefully. 

Why is Netflix Not Loading on Samsung Tv and What to Do if Not Working?

I have shared several reasons with solutions by the step-by-step guide. You can go and check out your reason. Let us get started. 

Way1- Check Updates: 

Firstly, you have to check if there is any then you can update your Samsung Tv. Or at the Netflix app. Updates are meant to increase the speed. If the app is working old types. Then, how could it match the update speed? Let us know how to check updates

  1. Go to the “Settings” on your home screen
  2. Locate and enter the System option and choose the “Software Update” selection. 
  3. Go to the “Check Now” button. This will check updates for Samsung Tv and Netflix

Here, you can check about the updates if any, then you can update from here. If there is no update then, go with the other steps. 

Netflix Not Loading on Samsung Tv

Way2- Network Problem

If there is a problem in the network then, you have to check your network settings. If found then solve it to stream Netflix on your favourite Samsung Tv. Let us start with how to check them: 

  1. Go to the home screen. Now, scroll down to the settings
  2. Click on the “Network Section” to check the Samsung’s network connection
  3. If you see that you’re connected. This means now, you have to check strength. For that click on the “Check Connection” button. 

If there is any network problem then simply solve it using on-screen commands. 

Way3- Soft Reset

Turn your streaming device off, unplug it and leave it to sit for a minute or to do so. This will allow your Samsung Tv to soft reset and you can easily use it. You can also remove the cache. When doing this. So, that it could become cache free. 

Sometimes, it is important to give devices their time to maintain everything. Which is good by a soft reset. 

Way4- Re-download

As I have already mentioned. It is necessary to give time to the device. The same goes with this. When you re-download it will update itself. Which is good to do so. It will take not too much time. You just need a wifi connection and turn on your device along with following this step-by-step guide

How to Remove a Channel From The Lineup

The very first step is to remove a channel from the lineup which is the first step to uninstall the app. From the Samsung tv. So that you could re-download it. 

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku tv
  2. Navigate the Netflix channel
  3. Press the Start button on your remote and ere, you will see the options menu. Go with it. 
  4. Select the remove channel option from here. And confirm when prompted. 

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Remove From the Samsung Tv Channel Store

Here, you will get to know how to uninstall the app from the Samsung Tv channel store. And the next step would be to install the app again. To remove the issues. 

  1. Press the Home button on your remote
  2. Open the store by selecting the “Streaming Channels” button
  3. From the store, menu locate Netflix and click on ok. 
  4. Go with the remove channel option and confirm when prompted 


This is the final step. In this section, you will get a guide to re-install the app on your device. 

  1. Press the home button on your Samsung tv
  2. Choose streaming channels
  3. Now, select Netflix to add via the featured option using a genre button or you can search Netflix in the search button too. 
  4. Select Add channel then ok 

In the end, you will receive a confirmation message of successfully installing the app they might ask you to confirm your device. Simply, follow the on-screen instructions. 

Way5- Subscription Expires

 It is a major part of Netflix, not working properly, as you know it is a paid app. If your subscription expires then, you will become unable to stream Netflix on your device. So, that you have to make sure you have a subscription, if not. Then, go for it.

Way6- Reboot Your Router

If your apps are not working properly. It might happen because of your slow network or any other reason from your router. you simply, need to reboot your router. If there is any network issue in the router. After, reboot it will get solved and you will become able to stream Netflix on your Roku tv. The problem may lie with your network hardware. Rebooting the router would be a good decision. 

Way7- Netflix Error Codes

If you see any error code in the Netflix app. It might directly mean your app needs an update. It is very important to keep your Netflix app up-to-date. This might be a reason why is Netflix not loading on Samsung Tv? Because the latest version might be needed to run your device or to connect to the Netflix streaming media. 

Way8- Black Screen

A black screen on Netflix could mean the app is updating itself. To solve this, you can go back to the previous menu and then remove the option. If this doesn’t work then you have to restart your tv by powering it off. Or you can unplug it for 2 minutes then, turn it on back. 

Way9- Help

If you are unable to solve the problem using these solutions then you go with the help option. Or you can

  1. Open the Netflix app on your device, then use the arrows on your remote and follow the instructions in a sequence
  2. Up,up,down,down,left,right,up,up,up,up
  3. Select sign out, start over, deactivate or reset. 

 I hope, this article finds suitable for you, if you want to share something related. Feel free to reach us in the comment section. 

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