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The  photographer’s work is not only taking pictures, arranging compositions and finding non-standard angles and texture types. Even the most successful shots usually need color correction and/or coloring, changing saturation and contrast. Often there is a need to level the horizon, correct perspective and remove unnecessary objects from the background.

When it comes to commercial photography, clients usually count on skin retouching (to even out complexion, remove redness and irregularities and reduce wrinkles) and correction of a figure. Object photography implies skillful work with highlights, textures and shadows to make the photo suitable for advertising purposes.

To solve these technical problems it is necessary to spend a lot of time mastering a wide range of tools of graphic editors. Moreover, a good result is unlikely to be obtained the first time. Sometimes hours of experimentation are required to achieve the desired effect while preserving the naturalness of the photo.

Instead, you can use the professional photo editor service RetouchMe Pro! It is designed specifically for photographers who would like to spend more time on creative research, shooting, and other tasks instead of the retouching routine.

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What is the essence of RetouchMe Pro?

To understand what RetouchMe Pro is, you first need to understand what this service is not. So, it’s not a program with a set of automatic modes that apply to all photos indiscriminately. It’s also not software that takes a long time to figure out, make settings, and practice your manual dexterity. We’re talking about a much more convenient and simple tool to simplify your daily work!

RetouchMe Pro is a service that offers the services of professional graphic designers (the same professionals who have mastered the “magic” of Photoshop, Lightroom, and other complex programs). This is a team of real retouchers, who quickly, and most importantly qualitatively and inexpensively will put your pictures in order.

This approach has several obvious advantages.

  • Quality retouching. The combination of automatic and manual techniques in the hands of an experienced graphic designer produces excellent results. Photos are kept alive, expressive and natural, and retouching leaves almost no trace that would be conspicuous.
  • Correction of any depth. Editing is done based on genre rules, your wishes, and creative intent. This can be a slight correction of color or a thorough frequency decomposition, removal of a couple of unnecessary objects from the frame, or a complete replacement of the background. This ensures that the photographer does not have to do any further work or “tighten up” after the finished picture is taken.
  • Only the necessary corrections. You determine what improvements need to be made by yourself. That is, there will be no situation where a maximum stack of tools is applied to each frame, erasing its individuality and changing its artistic qualities. This not only preserves the beauty of each photo but also reduces the time for processing the entire order.
  • There is no limit to the number of frames. Since each client is serviced by a whole team of retouchers, you can allow uploading any amount of photos to the service: even 1, even 100 or 200. In any case, your order will be processed promptly. Usually, the processing of photos takes no more than 12–24 hours. The exact time depends on the number of photos and the desired amount of work with each of them.

Other benefits of the service

RetouchMe Pro is an innovative service for photographers which takes into account peculiarities of this complicated creative profession.

  • A large variety of rates. Choose one or more packages that best suit your interests and type of work. There are more than a dozen options on the site of the service! These are retouching options for fashion, object photography, portraits, wedding and family photos, landscape and architectural compositions.
  • Reasonable price. Depending on the chosen format of cooperation, the minimum cost of processing a frame starts from $0.5 or $0.99. This is a price that can be “painlessly” included in the price of the photo shoot. The specific cost depends on the specifics of the chosen plan.
  • Copyright Guarantee. Passing photos for editing to RetouchMe Pro, the photographer can be sure that there will be no leaks or other troubles! Materials are not transferred to third parties and are not stored anywhere. After processing, images are sent to the client and deleted from all devices involved. This applies to source and retouched copies.

You can try out the new RetouchMe Pro service for free! The trial is valid for each user and allows getting up to three retouched images in any genre.

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