Non-Mobile Friendly Websites Turn Away Consumers

Mobile surfing can be quite annoying sometimes – especially if one has to swipe to the sides and zoom around to see the entire content of a website. Mobile optimized websites increase the user experience enormously. There are no exceptions, really!

It is especially important if website visitors are supposed to sign-up or make a purchase on the page. By having a non-optimized site, many visitors might question their buying intent and eventually leave the page because of a poor experience.

Non-optimized websites drive visitors away

Last July, Google conducted a study about What Users Want Most From Mobile Sites Today.
In fact, 61% of site visitors quickly move on to another site if they don’t find what they are looking for right away on a mobile site. In other words, they move on to another site, which might be a competitor. This can be very harmful for an ecommerce website!

Mobile friendly sites turn visitors into customers

In addition, 67% are more likely to buy a product on a mobile-friendly site. If those buyers are the ones, who left your website for a competitor, you miss out on a lot of cash!

Non-mobile friendly websites can hurt the reputation of your company

Site visitors that have a bad user experience and leave your site are mostly frustrated. Negative emotions about your company can hurt the reputation and customer relationship. Additionally, if a competitor picks up frustrated potential customers and greets them with a mobile friendly site, you might lose them forever. In fact, 52% of mobile site visitors said, that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a brand and 48% said that such a bad experience made them feel that the company didn’t care about their business.


There are many people, who urge companies to invest in their mobile appearance and to have a mobile friendly site and Google’s study simply confirms all of their points. In order to be a strong brand, companies need to stop thinking that hardly anyone buys products on smartphones or tablets. It’s more about going with the changing standards and showing that the brand is perfectly positioned in every channel.

To get more information on how to build a mobile site, you should definitely check out Google’s site

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