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 Is NVIDIA’s Next-Gen Gaming GeForce RTX 4090 Worth Buying It

Is NVIDIA’s Next-Gen Gaming GeForce RTX 4090 Worth Buying It

NVIDIA’s Next-Gen Gaming GeForce RTX 4090. One of the most anticipated graphics card launches in memory, the Nvidia RTX 4090 has gamers salivating at the prospect of a new generation of BFGPU processing power. Even with the slightly more powerful Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti as the current standard-bearer for Nvidia, we’d argue that the Nvidia RTX 3090 is the best graphics card in terms of performance-to-price ratio (though it does really push the limit of what an acceptable price point for even a premium graphics card is).

NVIDIA’s Next-Gen Gaming GeForce RTX 4090

NVIDIA’s Next-Gen Gaming GeForce RTX 4090

One of the most significant product launches of the year, in my opinion, is the RTX 4090, which is expected to surpass even the RTX 3090 Ti’s performance, as it will be our first look at Nvidia Lovelace, the company’s new consumer graphics card architecture. According to rumours, Nvidia has changed course and is aiming for more of an architectural overhaul with Lovelace, which makes the launch of the RTX 4090 all the more exciting. Lovelace was originally thought to be a mid-cycle refresh rather than a full architectural leap. However, Nvidia has kept a lot of this under wraps, so we don’t know a lot about it. Still, we’ve gathered up all the latest rumours, speculation, and analysis about the Nvidia RTX 4090 to keep you up to date on all the latest developments in Nvidia’s flagship graphics processing unit.

What’s the matter with this? Is it going to be out soon?  In August of 2022, it’s possible it will go live. What is the price tag? At this point in time, the RTX 3090 should cost a little more than that

Release date for the Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card

The Nvidia A100 GPU was unveiled in May 2020 as a data centre and cloud computing platform to assist developers and scientists working on COVID 19 research (among other things), but that was not a consumer GPU.

A few months later, on September 24, 2020, Nvidia released the GeForce RTX 3090, followed by the Nvidia RTX 3080 on September 17, 2020. RTX 3070 was launched on October 28th, 2020 by Nvidia.

It’s safe to say that the Nvidia RTX 4090 will be the first to go on sale this time around, possibly as early as August 2022, with the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 following in September and October, respectively.

the RTX 4090 from Nvidia.

The price of the Nvidia RTX 4090 is still a mystery. In addition to the Nvidia Founder’s Edition’s $1,499 (£1,399) price tag, other AIB partners added features like larger fans or RGB lighting that pushed the price even higher.

It wasn’t even the retail price. Prices were often much higher than MSRP because of supply chain shortages and the intense demand for next-generation graphics cards, which encouraged profiteers to buy up available stock and then resell it at high prices online.

Also, cryptocurrency mining operations would buy up entire warehouses of graphics cards that would have otherwise been purchased by gamers.

NVIDIA’s Next-Gen Gaming GeForce RTX 4090

Higher price

The RTX 3090 sold at a much higher price than anyone expected because of this. Is the RTX 4090’s history repeating itself? It’s difficult to say, to be honest. No doubt, the RTX 4090 will be a high-priced graphics card, but how much of the perfect storm that surrounded the RTX 3090 will be left over to influence its price is still up in the air at this time.

As the value of cryptocurrency has fallen, so has the demand for high-end graphics cards used by cryptominers, reducing the upward pressure on prices. Because it hit just before the launches of Ampere and AMD RDNA 2, this graphics card lineup was unprepared for the chip crunch expected in 2020 and 2021, even though it is still a major issue.

RTX 4090: Specifications

There is no official word on the RTX 4090’s specs, so everything we know about it is purely conjecture at this point.

As far as we can tell, this is going to be a monster of a graphics card, and we’re not just talking about fps. Because of how much power it’s expected to use, the Nvidia Tarrasque might as well be called that.

According to some, the Nvidia RTX 4090 is twice to three times faster than the RTX 3090. This much power consumption makes sense if so.

There’s no doubt that the RTX 3090 can run Cyberpunk 2077 at 4K on its highest ray-traced settings without the use of DLSS and get up to 30 FPS. Only the RTX 3090 Ti, with a maximum frame rate of 57 fps, can approach 60 fps when DLSS is enabled, and it can achieve a maximum frame rate of 52 fps.

RTX 4090 (with DLSS on) should easily clear 60 fps and maybe even reach 80 fps if these rumours are true, but just because a graphics card is twice as fast does not mean that it will directly double your frame rates in any given game. When the TGP of the RTX 3090 is nearly doubled, you can expect to see some serious gaming performance.

There will likely be more information about core counts and clock speeds as launch day approaches, but for now, suffice it to say that this will be the most significant graphics card launch of the year.

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NVIDIA’s Next-Gen Gaming GeForce RTX 4090


Q1: What is NVIDIA’s most powerful GPU?

With 12 GB of HBM2 memory, and 640 Tensor Cores, the NVIDIA TITAN V can perform 110 teraflops of computation.

Q2: What is the price of the 4090?

Lovelace’s $1,499 USD MSRP suggests that the Founders Edition Lovelace will be just as pricey as the RTX 3090’s predecessor, the Ampere.

Q3: Is RTX 3070 Ti good?

The RTX 3070 Ti is 20% more expensive than the 3070, but on average it is 8% faster. It has no effect on Nvidia’s ability to compete with AMD. The RTX 3070 is $100 more expensive than the RTX 3080, but gamers get a marginal performance boost in exchange.

Q4: Is the RTX 4090 going to be released?

It is expected that Nvidia’s RTX 4090 graphics card will be released in October 2022. This appears to be one of the fastest graphics cards ever created, and we’ve gathered every single piece of information we can find on the upcoming flagship GPU. For the RTX 4000 series, the RTX 4090 is expected to be the most powerful GPU.

Q5: Is Titan V better than Titan RTX?

The power consumption of TITAN RTX is 13% higher than that of TITAN V. Both video cards are connected to the motherboard via PCIe 3.0 x16 interfaces. In comparison to Titan V, Titan RX has 12 GB of additional RAM. Desktop computers make use of both card.

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