3 No-sweat Ways to Fix Page Fault in Nonpaged Area Windows 10

You started your computer or were in the middle of something. Something failed and a bluescreen greeted you. We call it the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Don’t panic. It is a very common problem.

You read the message, ” page fault in nonpaged area.” The error code is 0x50.

Is this a serious problem? If it recurs, yes, it is serious, and give immediate attention to it.

How to fix it?

Page Fault in Nonpaged Area Windows 10


Reboot your system. Try to log in again. The error never recurs.

But, what if the error recurs even before you can log in? Follow these steps:

Restart your PC.>>

The PC begins to boot. >>

Hit the F8 key that instant. >>

Boot menu appears.>>

You get these options:

“Start Windows Normally”,

Booting into safe modes,

starting using the last known good settings. >>

Log in by “starting using the last known good settings” >>

( What if that fails?

Boot into safe mode>>

Use system restore to a previous place>>

Where to find system restore?

Go to Start menu>> Accessories >> System tools )

The error is gone. Hurray!

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What if it fails? Follow the next steps:

Log in again to safe mode and use check disk or chkdsk. What will it do?

Chkdsk will check all sectors of your hard disk. It will find out which sectors are to blame and correct them. At least, it will mark them “corrupt” so that the system no longer uses them.

Page Fault in Nonpaged Area Windows 10

Running Chkdsk to Fix Page File Errors

Go to Start Menu >>

Go to the run option >>

Type cmd: >>

Hit Enter >>

Command prompt opens >>

Type “chkdsk” >>

Hit Enter >>

Windows will check the hard disk.

(Your Windows may restart before the checking starts so don’t worry about it.)

What if it discovers an error?

Run the command again but request chkdsk to fix the error. Add /F to the command.

You may relax now. Fixing errors is a time-consuming process.

The error is gone. Hurray!

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What if even this fails? Means the hard disk is perfect. Now check your RAM.

Page Fault in Nonpaged Area in Windows 10

We have many more basic tricks. So, be patient. You have panicked a lot. Bring a mug of coffee and follow these steps:

Test Your RAM

Turn your PC off. >>

(You read it right. We will deal with the hardware now. )

Remove the side panel. >>

Find the RAM. >>

(They attach it to the motherboard).

You will find the RAM chips side by side held in place by plastic grooves. >>

Remove the clips >>

Pull out a stick of  RAM>>

Load the computer.

(If there is no error then this stick was to blame. If the error remains then replace this stick and pull out the other stick).

The error is gone. Hurray!

What if it is not gone? I would never recommend any other DIY tricks. Please go for professional help. Your hardware is to blame and if you are not a technician then hire one.

Of course, you are not a technician, why would you be looking for DIY tips then?

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What Does Page Fault in Nonpaged Area Windows 10 Mean?

This means your PC could not continue. Why? It asked for a page of memory but the page was not available.

Windows too was in the middle of a process but crashed. Your work vaporized. Why? Because it could not continue the process. That is why we call it the Blue Screen of Death.

What Is a Non-paged Area?

Many components in the PC are available to store data. You must have heard of hard drives and RAM. RAM will remember the data as long as the process is running. Then the data will no longer be available in RAM.

But, the hard drive keeps the data even if the computer is off.

Why use RAM then? Speed. RAM is faster than a hard drive. How does that relate to the nonpaged area? When some process is not running in the RAM then there is a place in the hard drive called a page file to store it.

You may call it the extra RAM. So, data is always interchanged between RAM and page file. Then what is the non-paged area? It stores that data without which your system cannot run.

This critical data should never move from RAM to the page file. The non-paged area stores that data that moves from RAM to the page file.

Your Windows tried to fetch this critical data from a non-paged area but failed to find it. This is not software but a hardware failure.

  1. More often than not, blame your RAM.
  2. An antivirus came looking for something and edited or removed something.
  3. Level one or level two cache is to blame.
  4. Hard disk is corrupt.

Guys, I hope this guide was helpful. I answer a lot of technical “How to” questions. Catch me on TRENDBLOG.NET. If there is something I have missed then please mention in the comments below. Do you have any other queries? Let me know in the comments below. 


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