How to Pair Apple Watch to Android Phone? Things You Need Before Pairing!


We’ll explain in detail how to connect an Apple Watch to an Android phone in this guide. Apple Watches work best with iPhones, but this well-known smartwatch can also be used with Android phones. Follow the steps below to connect your Apple Watch to your Android computer. So, let’s get started!

Things You Need Before Pairing Your Apple Watch to Your Android Phone

Before we can move on with the pairing process, there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Make sure the watchOS version you want to use works with the type of Apple Watch you want to pair with an Android device. Check the Apple website or the user guide to see if your Apple Watch can do this.
  2. Check to see if there is an easy way for your Android phone to connect to an Apple Watch. Most of the time, this means having the most recent version of Android and Bluetooth functions.
  3. To connect your Apple Watch to your Android phone, you will need to download and install apps made by third parties. With these apps, the gadgets can talk to each other.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pair an Apple Watch with an Android Phone

Now that you’ve met the standards, here’s how to connect an Apple Watch to an Android phone step by step:

  • Start by going to the Google Play Store on your Android phone and searching for “Apple Watch-compatible apps.” There will be a list of options, like “Watchify” and “Sync Solver for Fitbit.” Choose the app that meets your needs and hobbies the most, and then download it to your Android device.

How To Pair an Apple Watch with an Android Phone

  • Once you’ve downloaded the app to your Android phone, you can open it. You may have to give the app approval to do certain things for it to work. Follow the steps on the screen, and when asked, make sure to give the right access.
  • Let’s talk right now about your Apple Watch. Check to see if it is on and has enough power. To get to your watch’s settings screen, turn the digital crown and press the gear button.
  • Make sure that your Apple Watch’s Bluetooth is turned on. You can get to the Control Center, where the Bluetooth button is, by going up on the watch face. If it isn’t already on, tapping on it will turn it on.

How To Pair an Apple Watch with an Android Phone

  • In the same way, go to your Android phone’s settings page and turn on Bluetooth. This means that your phone can find nearby gadgets, like your Apple Watch.
  • Go back to the app on your Android phone and follow the steps on the screen to start pairing. The app will look for gadgets that are open. One of them should be your Apple Watch. Choose your Apple Watch from the list of devices to set up the link.

How To Pair an Apple Watch with an Android Phone

  • Once the link is made, you may have to follow more steps on the screen to finish pairing. These steps may be different depending on the app you chose in Step 1. Carefully follow them to make sure the match works.
  • Congratulations! Your Android phone is now connected to your Apple Watch. Send a message to your Apple Watch from your Android phone to make sure the connection is working. If the message shows up as you expected, the matching process worked.


It may not be easy to put an Apple Watch on an Android phone, but it is possible if you have the right apps and carefully follow the steps above. If you follow this thorough guide, you can use an Apple Watch even if you have an Android phone. The Apple Watch looks nice, is easy to use, and can track your health no matter what kind of phone you have. To read more content like this, visit


Q1: Can any type of Apple Watch be connected to an Android phone?

A1: No, not all Apple Watch models are compatible with Android phones. Before you try to connect an Apple Watch to an Android computer, make sure it will work.

Q2: How do I link my Android phone to my Apple Watch? What apps made by companies other than Apple should I use?

A2: There are a lot of third-party apps in the Google Play Store that can help you connect your devices. Some popular choices are “Watchify” and “Sync Solver for Fitbit.” Choose the app that fits your needs and tastes the best.

Q3: Will everything work fine if I connect my Apple Watch to an Android phone?

A3: If you pair an Apple Watch with an Android phone, you can get calls and do some simple things, but you might not get all the features you do when you pair it with an iPhone. Some advanced skills may have limits on how well they can work together.

Q4: Does my Android phone need to have my third-party app running all the time?

A4: Most of the time, you should keep the third-party app running in the background on your Android phone so that your Apple Watch and Android device can stay linked. But the app’s instructions might tell you more.

Q5: Can I track my health and workouts with both the Apple Watch and my Android phone?

A5: There may be more than one way to track your health and movement if you use an Apple Watch with an Android phone. Some third-party apps may only be able to do a few things, while others may be able to track more. You should do some research and choose a workout app that fits your goals.

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