Payforit Online Casinos: Trendy Or Terrific?


Being one of the most popular pastimes, playing in online casinos is an outlet for many. Adding to the current trend and the advantages it provides, mobile phones even made online betting very convenient and hassle-free. So, it is no wonder that many payment and billing providers now partner with your favourite online casino sites. A good online casino will always offer its players a variety of options. All from games, to payment options.

As a recognized billing provider for mobile phones, Payforit, joins the roster of payment methods you can utilize on your next games. You can simply fund your account and just put it on your phone bill. Definitely, quick and very straightforward.

What is Payforit?

The whole concept of Payforit came from big mobile operators. They envisioned a strong online payment platform for mobile phone users. Its original plan didn’t materialize for certain reasons. However, Simpay’s UK creators launched Payforit in 2007. Now, major mobile operators own and support it, making it available to millions of mobile users.

Originally, it was designed for apps and games payment only. You can now use Payforit for various online services. It covers all UK mobile carriers using both prepaid and postpaid accounts. For payments made with standard accounts, it automatically charges your mobile operator. The charges will be reflected on your phone billing at the end of each month. Whereas, for those with prepaid plans, it will deduct the charges from your existing balance.

As long as you have a mobile phone and access to the Internet, online payments are not a problem. According to its users, its best feature is it does not require you to link any bank or credit card. Therefore, it offers more privacy, and it is much safer to use. This is the most essential feature many casino enthusiasts want to have.

Payforit Online Casinos

This pay-through-phone service is a huge step to attracting casino players who don’t have bank accounts or refuse to divulge their bank or credit card details. Because of this convenience, players do not have to go through the rigours of making a deposit. This is among the attributes that some players look for when playing at their preferred casinos.

Also, casinos accepting payforit payments must register with PhonepayPlus. Along with their contract with Accredited Payment Intermediary, it provides another layer of protection. It is because only legitimate casinos will go through these lengths for a payment method. Nothing is better than playing in an online casino without any worry.

Advantages of Using Payforit in Online Casinos

There are loads of perks when choosing Payforit as a deposit method when playing online. Currently, gaining traction in the casino scene, here are benefits of using it.

Deals most likely with licenced and legitimate casinos

Because of the needed registration and contract, these casinos will have Payforit as their middleman in terms of deposit payments. In return, it works with mobile carriers. Thus, establishing a clear path for transactions and accountability.

Very accessible and convenient

You will only need your phone and an internet connection to deposit. Also, you can do it anytime, anywhere. Transactions are instant and in real-time.

Safer and more secure

Since it is a pay through mobile service, you won’t need to input your personal and financial information. This is one of the most uncomfortable things for the majority of players. Deposit transactions are more discreet and give you more privacy.

Pay it together with your phone bill

That is one less task for you. Regardless of your mobile plan, charges will go straight to your phone bill or can be just deducted in your account balance.

No registration required

Players will just need to confirm their number through SMS. Forget about the hassle of creating an account.

Payforit is 100% free

It is cost-friendly because you won’t need to pay to use this billing service. However, there can be minimal casino charges just like any other payment method. So better check first. Plus, casinos usually reward players with bonuses when using this method.

Promotes responsible gambling

Due to its daily deposit cap, it can help players manage their playing funds better. It can provide better control of finances. What’s more, it helps avoid accidental deposits.

Drawbacks in Using Payforit in Online Casinos

Despite the incredible advantages it provides players, there are minor downsides in using Payforit. However, these disadvantages don’t outweigh its benefits. Yet, players must be aware, so they could plan out accordingly. These include:

No withdrawal transactions allowed

This is probably the biggest issue with this payment option. Due to the lack of a banking account linked to it, it can’t provide a cash out service. Players would need a separate payment method for the withdrawal. It can be a hassle for some. Also, this might not appeal well to newbies in online casinos.

Deposit limit

This is like a double-edged sword. As mentioned above, it can help players to control their betting habits. This is actually perfect for new and casual players. However, players can only deposit no more than €30. This is a problem for high roller players who usually bet big money every time they play.

Only mobile access allowed

Indeed, another mixed blessing. As it sends the transaction codes via SMS, once you lose your phone, it can be a big problem. If it falls into the wrong hands, there may be a risk of fraud.

Only available to UK mobile users

Players outside the country won’t be able to use this service. In spite of getting a UK SIM card, coverage will be a major issue as well.

Payforit Can Be UK’s Best Bet In Online Casinos

Technology truly makes everything easier. All you have to do is to choose the best option that suits your gaming preference. The same goes when playing in an online casino with Payforit fast becoming the leading choice for many Brits.

With the mobile versions of casinos, you can have a great gaming experience just by using your mobile phone. Considering all the pros and cons, Payforit will certainly be at the top of players’ list.

So, we can say that it is trendy as well as terrific for most online casino players due to its ease of usage. The only thing you need to look out for is the ease in withdrawing money. Overall, it meets the standards of meticulous online users as it can also be useful in other aspects aside from online casinos.

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