It’s interesting to observe how the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies are changing not only people’s lives but also the lives of their fluffy friends. The way how people interact with their pets with the help of tech solutions has already been revolutionized and it is definitely not the end of this journey.

In 2020, the volume of the pet tech market reached $5.7 billion, which was already a rather good result. However, this figure doesn’t look impressive at all if we compare it with the volumes expected to be achieved in the nearest future. According to the newly released research report by Global Market Insights, the size of the pet tech market will hit $20 billion in 2027.

The range of pet tech solutions that are available today is really wide. For example, there are different pet trackers, cameras for monitoring, and tech-powered toys for pets. And what is even more interesting in this case, that software products are built not only for cats and dogs but also for less popular pets like guinea pigs or ferrets.

With the growing tech literacy of people and their increasing consciousness in keeping pets, the demand for top-notch tech software for pets is rising. Many startups invest in solutions of this kind and build such apps on their own or with the help of an IoT development company. As a result, users have access to a wider choice of solutions for their needs.

The most popular types of pet tech solutions

Health & activity trackers. The IoT technology allows building solutions for pets similar to what is offered for human needs. Special devices can be equipped with sensors that help to track pets’ heart rate, temperature, respiration as well as to track their activities.

Smart feeders. These solutions allow pet owners to schedule meals for their animals. Smart feeders can be connected to smartphones, laptops, or tablets ensuring the possibility to organize feeding for pets even remotely.

Monitoring & interactive cameras. Even when you are far away from your home, with modern technologies, you can monitor what your pet is doing in real-time. If a camera has additional interactive functionality, you can even play with your pets and talk to them at a distance.

IoT in pet tech

IoT is one of the core technologies that power the development of software solutions for pets. And the range of IoT apps today is really quite impressive.

Pet wearables. Today pet wearables already boast high popularity and demand for them keeps growing. Among the examples of these devices, we should mention smart GPS and bark collars, temperature scanners, smart tags, activity trackers.

Connected pet products. This group unites toys, smart fences, smart doors and other devices aimed at facilitating various tasks for pets and their owners.

Pet care platforms. These apps can be connected to different pet care services, such as veterinary cabinets and grooming salons. Such solutions can be also enriched with video streaming and social communication features.

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