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 Pixel 6 Pro Latest Bugs Identified & How About the Water- transparency

Pixel 6 Pro Latest Bugs Identified & How About the Water- transparency

Pixel 6 pro,in 2021, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will mark Google’s return to proper flagship territory. New designs, upgraded hardware, and a better camera setup brought the two phones into line with their competitors. Wireless charging and other high-end features are also included. However, is the Google Pixel 6 water-resistant?


Both the Google Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro are water-resistant, according to the company’s specifications. IP68 dust and water resistance is standard on both devices.

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Latest bug in Google Pixel 6 Pro

A few hours ago, there were reports that the Pixel 6 Pro model would automatically shut down when taking photos when in aeroplane mode. According to the report, the Google Pixel 5 was found to be free of this issue. It’s possible that the lower temperature in the Pixel 6 Pro is to blame for this problem. According to the report, most Google Pixel 6 series users don’t take photos after switching to aeroplane mode, according to the information provided. Because this isn’t a major issue, most users won’t notice it at all. It will also not interfere with the device’s normal operation.

Is the Google Pixel 6 water- and dust-resistant?

They have an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance, so yes, they are water resistant. In most daily situations, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are effectively waterproof, but they are not completely water-resistant, so don’t treat them like that. If your phone is submerged in water for an extended period of time or in corrosive liquids, it may suffer water damage.

What does the rating of IP68 mean exactly?

You can tell a phone’s weather resistance by looking at the IP (Ingress Protection) rating. The first number is for dust and dirt, and the second is for water resistance. A rating of IP68 is given to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. In order to achieve the highest level of dust protection, a device must have a level of six. If the phone is submerged in water for more than 30 minutes, it is protected by the eight water resistance rating.

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Q1: Can the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro be submerged in water?

The Pixel 6 is water-resistant, but only up to a depth of one metre. Seawater contains high levels of salt, which can corrode the phone’s electronic components and cause it to malfunction. Calicase’s waterproof pouch, for example, is the best way to keep your phone safe.

Q2: How long is the dust and water resistance good for if it is used properly?

If you’ve dropped or damaged your phone, the phone’s dust and water resistance may be compromised.

Q3: Does Pixel 6 Overheat?

Many people are experiencing overheating issues when using their devices to navigate, play Pokemon Go, listen to Spotify, record videos, and make video calls on Microsoft Teams in the sweltering heat of the summer.

Q4: How do I close apps on the pixel 6 device?

Uninstall an app: From the bottom, swipe up, hold, and then let go. Swipe up in the app. Close all the apps: Grab hold of the bottom and then let go of it, swiping up.

Q5: How do you take a screenshot, in pixel 6?

  • To take a screenshot, open the screen you want to record.
  • At the same time, press the Power and Volume down buttons.
  • Take a picture of the screen and save it to your phone’s memory.
  • You can see a preview of your screenshot at the bottom left of the screen.
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