As expected, Sony has finally rolled out the update 3.50 for the PlayStation 4. The update is codenamed ‘Musashi’ and it facilitates players to schedule events, appear offline, and much more. One of the biggest highlights of the update is the Remote Play, which allows gamers to play PS4 games on PCs and Macs likewise. The update is 300MB in size is being pushed globally to the PlayStation 4 users.

Let us enlighten you a bit more about what the update 3.50 has added to the PS4 platform. Well, as we mentioned above, the update allows players to appear offline. The feature is perfect for those who do not like to get disturbed while playing games. They can enable the feature from their Profile tab, Quick Menu, and login screen. Another cool feature that the update has brought is “Friend Online Notification”, which notifies the players whenever a friend comes online. This can be customized and you can turn it on for select friends by going to their profile and selecting “Notify when Online” option.

PlayStation 4 update 3.50

Check out what your friends are playing right now

Another brand new feature to come onboard with the update 3.50 is “Play Together”. It enables players to view what game other Party members are playing. This makes it easier to join other player’s game or to begin a fresh game altogether. With this update, users can also schedule events now. Players will now be able to create an event and invite others to join. You can create an event by going to the Events tab and clicking on the “Create Event” option.

Lastly, throwing more light on the “Remote Play” feature. It will be compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later, OS X 10.10, and OS X 10.11. Gamers can also set the resolution to 360p, 540p (default), and 720p. Also, they will be enabled to set the Frame rate as well (30fps or 60fps).