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Samsung Galaxy S5 Octa-Core Processor Leaked. Why Not A 3000mAh Battery?

sgs5 octa core leak

Right after the announcement of the new (and quite disappointing) Samsung Galaxy S5, the manufacturer has accidentally leaked a very interesting piece of information.

From the official announcement we have heard that the SGS5 will come equipped with a 2.5GHz quad-core processor. Turns out that there will be another model, which will, of course, come at a higher price. The official Samsung Blog has, by accident, posted an infographic (and took it down quickly after) showing two different Galaxy S5’s. One with a 2.5GHz quad-core and one with a 2.1GHz octa-core processor.

Rumor is that Samsung will equip a premium version of the new flagship with the new Exynos chip. Previous generations of premium Galaxy S smartphones were also coming with a Exynos chip, but the difference between the “normal” and the premium processor weren’t that great to justify the higher price.

Octa-Cores? Give us larger batteries!

During yesterday’s announcement I was hoping for the moment when Samsung would announce an at least 3000mAh battery for the SGS5, but I didn’t hear what I wanted to hear. The “flagship” ended up with a 2800mAh battery.

My question is, why do the OEM’s still not hear us?! We don’t need octa-cores. We also don’t really need fingerprint scanners. And we certainly don’t need a heart-rate sensor on the back of our phones. Really.

What we need is a phone that could last for two days on a single charge. Instead of buying a phone with an octa-core at a premium, I’d much rather pay for a larger battery. Give me the option to buy the Galaxy S5 with a 3200mAh battery and I would be willing to pay a $100 premium for the “luxury” of having a decent battery life.

Your thoughts?

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