5 Pro Tips to Rule the Storm Point Map in Apex Legends


Apex Legends, which Respawn released in 2019, caught everyone off guard. In addition to being a surprise, the battle royale shooter modified the concept by include characters such as Overwatch. For the most part, it revived a genre that many believed to have peaked because to the success of Fortnite and PUBG. Despite the passage of three years, Apex Legends continues to thrive, thanks in part to the addition of new characters and game types.

Aside from a new character, Respawn always has something fresh to offer with each new season. Storm Point, one of the largest environments in the game, was released in Season 11. A strategy-based map replaces the chaos of previous maps. Apex experts can help you figure out how to use apex hacks for PC. With these tips for the Storm Point map in Apex Legends, players will be able to beat their opponents.

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Blown to Pieces

Players will see a large beast washing ashore on one of Storm Point’s beaches, one of the most apparent changes. As a Point of Interest, this one is appealing to players since it’s full with high-level treasure, which means that the sooner players arrive to this place, the more likely they are to survive.

While the Downed Beast is a great source of riches, players should keep in mind that other squads will be coming there as well, so they should equip up quickly and then flee. As a bonus, the Downed Beast has a large space within that player may utilise to trap adversaries or take shelter, and they can easily outmanoeuvre the other team if they try hard enough. In this location, the most important lesson to take away is that players should arrive early and begin looting at the same time as the rest of their team.


In spite of the fact that Storm Point does not have the same amount of open space as the other maps, players should make sure that they have at least one sniper with them at all times. While the rest of the teams are shielded from enemy fire, snipers are able to shoot the opponent from a safe distance. In general, players that employ snipers will be able to get in more shots than those who stay closer to cover.

Players and their teammates will feel more secure in a battle royale with a one-life mechanism if they fight from a safe distance. Storm point is one of the best Apex Legends levels for sniping because of the abundance of snipers. It’s also possible for players who snipe to have a significant edge over their opponents since they can analyse their target’s location and utilise pings to pinpoint its precise location in relation to their own.

Armaments of the IMC

Unlike the Downed Beast, these sites have been introduced to Storm Point this season. Like the Downed Beast, the IMC Armories are a popular meeting place for numerous groups because to the abundance of high-level treasure.

We have a PVE event in the IMC Armories act that requires the whole team to work together. For a brief period of time, a swarm of robots descends on the squad if the player enters one of the Armories and takes an item from one of the shelves.

High-level armour will be available to the player’s team after they have defeated the horde. These Armories aren’t tied to a single side, thus while players are battling these hordes, they need keep in mind that enemy squads may still closing in.

Areas of high activity

The blue hue used to identify hot zones changes during each game. Because these sites are stocked with high-level treasure, squads travelling there as soon as possible may swiftly outfit up, enabling them to focus on ammunition, shields, and health instead of scavenging for other supplies.

The remainder of the game takes on a more concrete quality when players can focus on combat rather than looting since they’ve already been well equipped. When travelling to hot zones with their teams, however, players should be aware that they are an open invitation to be assaulted.

Interests of the Day

A general rule that may be applied to any map can be found here. Although Storm Point incorporates many of the features of the previous three levels, discovering these may be simple if the player is feeling particularly abrasive. ‘ Buildings and multi-level places abound in Storm Point, similar to those seen in Kings Canyon. This means that players should be on the lookout for such places falling or approaching them since they may contain high-tier treasure.

Because of the height advantage one team will have, players who spend more time in these locations may readily observe what is coming and leaving. Most POIs will be in high demand when players first arrive, so they’ll need the whole team on hand for support.

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