PUBG Weapons Tier List: Rankings In 2024?


Battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) are still very popular with gamers all over the world. You need to know the pros and cons of each tool in PUBG in order to get really good at it. It’s important to check the weapon tier list again now that it’s 2024 to make sure you have the best guns to win the fight.

This full guide sorts the best PUBG guns into groups based on how well they work, how many ways they can be used, and how they change the game as a whole.

The best guns in PUBG are S-Tier ones. This type of gun is most often picked when the stakes are high because it can be used in more ways and does more damage.


The Groza is a strong assault rifle that works best up close to middle range. A good player can kill you with it because it shoots quickly and does a lot of damage each time. Its only flaw is that you can only get it from airdrop boxes, which makes it less useful.


The Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM) is the strongest sniper rifle in PUBG. Even if an enemy is wearing a level 3 helmet, it only takes one shot to the head to kill them. What’s bad about it is that it only has so much ammo, which limits how much damage it can do and how far it can shoot.


For this reason, the Mk14 is a very useful designated marksman rifle (DMR). It can switch between semi-automatic and full-auto modes. It moves well and does a lot of damage, so it’s great for both close and far fight. It does, however, have a lot of impact, so be careful when you hold it.


Another popular attack weapon is the M416. It is stable and can be changed to fit the needs of the player. If you add the right things to it, it can be very accurate and useful at different levels. Every player should have one.

PUBG Weapons Tier List: Rankings In 2024?

A Brief Look at A-Tier Weapons

Most of the time, A-Tier guns work just as well as S-Tier weapons. Rarely do they not. Because they are more common, you can count on them in most fights.

Beryl M762

While the AKM does about the same amount of damage as the Beryl M762, the M762 is easier to handle and fires faster. You can connect it to many things, which makes it a good choice for brave players.


This is a semi-automatic DMR called the SKS. It has a good mix of damage and fire rate. It works well at medium to long range, and with the right upgrades, it can be very useful.


People know the Kar98k, a famous sniper rifle with a bolt action, for how well it hits and how much damage it does. While it’s not as strong as the AWM, it’s simple to get and could be very useful in the right hands.


As an SMG, the UMP45 is a good gun that does good damage and is easy to use. You can add different parts to it to make it better at what it does up close.

A Brief Look at B-Tier Weapons

Some top-tier weapons are better than B-tier weapons, but B-tier weapons are stable and can be very useful. It’s easy to find them, and they work well in many places.


The M16A4 is the best assault rifle for short- to medium-range fighting because it can fire many shots quickly. In a close battle, its burst mode might not work as well, but for skilled hunters, its accuracy and damage make it a good choice.

Mini 14

The Mini 14 is a DMR that is small, light, and fires quickly. This gun can be very useful for mid- to long-range fights when equipped with a scope and a few other things.


The SLR is a strong DMR that hits hard and does a lot of harm. It pulls back more than the SKS, but players who can handle it can stop a lot of things with it.


The Vector is a very dangerous SMG when used up close because it fires so quickly. Because its clip is so small, it needs to be reloaded a lot, which can be a problem when there is a lot of fire.

PUBG Weapons Tier List: Rankings In 2024?

A Brief Look at C-Tier Weapons

You can use C-Tier guns at the start of the game or when you can’t get better weapons. Even though they are very flawed, they may still work sometimes.


Each shot from the AKM does a lot of damage and hits hard. It’s not as good as the M416 or the Beryl M762 because it has a lot of recoil, which can be hard to handle.

Tommy Gun

This is an SMG called the Tommy Gun. It can shoot a lot of bullets very fast. But it’s not as accurate or has as many mounts as other SMGs like the UMP45, which sometimes makes it less useful.


The Win94 is a lever-action rifle that can be useful at medium range. However, it is less useful in battle because it fires slowly and doesn’t come with any modifications.


The VSS is a sniper rifle with a suppressed barrel and a sight that is already built in. It’s quiet, which can help you sneak up on your enemies, but it doesn’t do much damage and its bullets move slowly, so it’s not very useful in most fights.

A Brief Look at D-Tier Weapons

Most of the time, D-Tier guns are not the best choice in PUBG. You should get new guns right away because these ones aren’t very good.

Micro Uzi

It is an SMG that shoots very quickly but doesn’t do much damage each time. Most of the time, it’s not very useful because it doesn’t stop things well enough or have a long range.


Guns like the R1895 do a lot of damage, but they take a long time to reload and shoot. It is only useful as a last resort because it has a short range and takes a long time to reload.


The Sawed-off is a shotgun that can help in close combat, but it’s not as good as other shotguns because each pellet doesn’t do much damage and the gun has a short range.


It is not as famous as other DMRs like the SKS or SLR because it has a high recoil and not many attachment options. However, the QBU can be useful at long ranges.

Choosing the Right Weapon

When choosing a firearm in PUBG, you should consider its range, damage, rate of fire, and impact. It’s also important that you play the way you like to. People who like to be aggressive may choose weapons that fire quickly, while people who like to be careful may choose weapons that shoot correctly from a distance.


To get good at PUBG, you must know the good and bad things about each tool. It’s best to use S-Tier guns, but A-Tier and B-Tier weapons can also be beneficial if you know how to use them and have the right attachments.

You should always be ready to change your loadout based on what’s going on and what you can get. It’s more likely that you’ll get that chicken dinner if you learn this tier list. It will help you make faster, smarter decisions in a fight.

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