Just 3 months after the announcement of the new web-app Pulse has released the 3.0 mobile app update for iOS and Android!

Pulse gives you a very beautiful, visual and intuitive way to to read your favourite blogs, magazines and newspapers. It gives you a great overview over all the content you want to discover.

pulse 3.0 update

Things that have been changed and/or improved:

  1. Brand new icon
  2. Unlimited Pages – I must say, I have quite a few blogs in my Pulse app. So many that I had to cut down a few of them. But now I can have them all in one app without having the dilemma “which one should I delete?”.
  3. Improved Navigation – The 3.0 update reminds me a lot of the web-app. With a press of a button a list of your Pulse pages appears. I have sorted all my sources and blogs by themes, which allows me to easily find the stuff I want to read.
  4. Better Search
  5. Infinite Scrolling – This is a feature I expected from Pulse version 1.0. But later is better than never. Pulse 3.0 allows you to reach as far back into the past as you wish, giving you access to older content.
  6. Universal App – One app to rule them all! iPad users will not be able to update, because Pulse is now ONE app for all devices. Go to the App Store and download Pulse for iOS.

Some Thoughts on the Pulse Update:

The update feels definitely a lot faster than the older version. I really like the improved design, which look a lot like the web-app. The new features are also a great addition to the already great experience. Some thing I am missing though…

  1. The 3.0 update has no full screen function. I am really missing this one because I like to read my favourite blogs on my way to work on my iPhone 4, which has a rather small screen.
  2. You can no longer change font-size and font-style.
  3. No significant difference between the browser app and native app
  4. More and more people are consuming content on their mobile phones. Pulse shows us how important it is to have a mobile-friendly website and a native app.

Let’s see what the Pulse 3.1 update will bring to the table. What do you think? Feel free to leave your comments below.