Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platforms, Series, Specifications

Qualcomm Snapdragon- Snapdragon mobile platforms and chip technology enable next-generation mobile experiences. Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platforms are fast, intelligent, smooth, and secure, with incredible visuals. They have multi-core CPU processors that combine cutting-edge features and support for global network access with incredible speeds and power efficiency.

Snapdragon mobile platforms deliver immersive augmented reality and virtual reality experiences, excellent camera capabilities, superior 4G LTE and 5G connectivity, and the newest security solutions in smartphones and mobile devices.

qualcomm snapdragon

Mobile Platforms in the Snapdragon 8 Series

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series mobile platforms with multi-core CPUs provide the pinnacle of performance, power efficiency, and 4G LTE connectivity for connected computing.

Mobile Platforms Snapdragon 7 Series

Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 series mobile platforms provide high- and ultra-high-tier smartphones and other form factors with in-demand premium features including the Qualcomm® Artificial Intelligence Engine (AIE) and superior camera functions.

Mobile Platforms Snapdragon 6 Series

Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 series mobile platforms deliver enhanced mobile user experiences across a variety of form factors, from smartphones and tablets to embedded designs and connected cars, and are intended for performance, efficiency, and versatility.

Mobile Platforms in the Snapdragon 4 Series

Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 series mobile platforms are built to enable the most popular smartphone and IoT features, such as high-speed Internet, cutting-edge camera technology, Full HD screens, and high-fidelity audio.

Qualcomm Mobile Platforms 2 Series

The Qualcomm 2 series is intended for OEMs who serve customers who would otherwise be unable to obtain high-quality, low-cost, and dependable mobile devices. Premium mobile experiences are enabled by our strong Snapdragon platforms and chip innovations.

Get a leg up on the competition with our all-in-one solutions that include the cutting-edge features your clients demand. Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platforms have some of our fastest processors and are developed with a variety of features. Our platforms provide you with everything you need to launch a premium mobile product.

qualcomm snapdragon

5G internet access

Our Snapdragon 865 5G Mobile Platform is designed for high-performance premium smartphones with next-generation features, such as on-device AI, desktop-level gaming, and breathtaking photography, all with multi-gigabit 5G connection.

AI for mobile

The Qualcomm AI Engine allows the smartphone to learn and adapt to user behaviour, allowing for a more personalised experience. The Qualcomm AI engine gives the smartphone a smarter personal assistant, augmented reality (XR), and photography capabilities.

Fantastic camera capabilities

Make the smartphone their only camera. The Qualcomm SpectraTM Image Signal Processor in our Snapdragon platforms enables beautiful imaging with over one billion shades of colour, sophisticated 8K video capture, and more.

Quick Charge by Qualcomm

Qualcomm Quick Charge technology charges compatible smartphones faster than traditional charging alternatives. Our dual charge technology keeps devices cool by charging in two directions, allowing consumers to get more done with their smartphones.

Efficiency of energy

Build Always on, Always Connected PCs with the Snapdragon computing platform, which distributes workloads throughout the entire system effectively and is engineered to enable long battery life—up to multiple days on a single charge.

New security technologies

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G Mobile Platform includes the Qualcomm Secure Processing Unit, which can run high-assurance apps that traditionally required external security chips, saving OEMs money on bills of materials.

Experiential learning

Qualcomm Snapdragon platforms combine intelligent AR, VR, and AI technologies. Together, they provide seamless XR (extended reality) experiences with excellent visual, audio, and interaction quality.

qualcomm snapdragon

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Q1: What is the difference between Qualcomm and Snapdragon?

Qualcomm Technologies Inc. developed and commercialised the Snapdragon family of systems on a chip (SoC) semiconductor components for mobile smartphones.

Q2: Is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor superior to Intel’s?

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx outperformed the Intel 8250U with its inbuilt Intel UHD 620 graphics engine in graphics tests conducted at Computex 2019. It received a graphics score of 6,266 in the PCMark 10 Night Raid benchmark, while the Intel processor only received a score of 5,831.

Q3: Is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor superior to Intel’s?

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx outperformed the Intel 8250U with its inbuilt Intel UHD 620 graphics engine in graphics tests conducted at Computex 2019. It received a graphics score of 6,266 in the PCMark 10 Night Raid benchmark, while the Intel processor only received a score of 5,831.


Q4: Which Snapdragon processor is the most powerful?

On April 18th, 2022, a list of Snapdragon Processor Mobiles with the best price in India was prepared. The Samsung Galaxy M02s is the greatest Snapdragon Processor Mobile, featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 (14nm) Processor, 3 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of storage.

Q5: Which cell phone CPU is the fastest?

Apple A14 Bionic, which powers the iPhone 12 Lineup, is the best mobile processor as of December 2020. Snapdragon 888 is the second-best processor, followed by Samsung Exynos 2100, A13 Bionic, and Kirin 9000.

Q6: Why isn’t Snapdragon used in computers?

Snapdragon-835 processor laptops are designed for light work and cannot run heavy applications. Only these laptops may be able to run light Windows apps. To put it another way, it was incapable of running most modern software.

Q7: How good are Qualcomm processors?

Qualcomm’s flagship GPUs are often regarded as the best among Android chipmakers, making them excellent for mobile gamers. Aside from that, the Snapdragon 888 series features a powerful GPU for complex games and emulators. As well as a built-in 5G modem for the first time in a flagship series.

Q8: Is Mediatek or Qualcomm better?

From his early days in academia through his years as Qualcomm’s founder, CEO. And Chairman of the Board, Irwin Jacobs has used all three to inspire and create. His inventive energy, as well as his philanthropy, have had a significant impact on San Diego, the wireless industry, and the rest of the world.

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