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Quantum Internet Gets One Step Closer Here is Detailed Information

quantum internet

Quantum internet Teleportation Breakthrough Puts the Quantum Internet a Step Closer. Creating links in such a vast network has proven difficult so far in the quest for an ultra-secure quantum internet enabled by quantum communication technology. If teleportation of quantum information is improved. This could be a potential path ahead. Because it’s virtually hard to eavesdrop on messages encoded in quantum states. Many people are thrilled about the prospect. Future quantum communication networks. As a result, reading a particle’s quantum state affects it, hence eavesdropping on a communication link can be easily detected.

How to transfer quantum internet to long distances

It’s difficult, though, to transfer quantum states over long distances. Quantum photon states have been used by scientists to send data over hundreds of miles of fibre optic cable, and satellite quantum communication has been used to build linkages across even greater distances. However, because of the unavoidable signal loss via either means of communication, scaling up to the distances required for a true internet will be difficult.

Teleportation, a different quantum phenomenon, can be used as a remedy for this problem. Information can be instantly transported from one location to another, theoretically over an infinite number of distances, much like the sci-fi notion employed in shows like Star Trek. Researchers in the Netherlands have now shown for the first time in practise how this could operate in the future.


A computer created from nitrogen vacancy centres can store quantum information in qubits, the quantum counterpart of bits. The scientists named its quantum “nodes” Alice, Bob, and Charlie. Diamonds include small flaws that can be exploited to capture electrons and change their quantum state. They then used optical fibres to connect Alice to Bob and Bob to Charlie.

Let us know what researches talk about the quantum internet

According to research published in Nature, the experiment’s purpose was to send quantum information between Alice and Charlie, who weren’t physically connected. Creating a teleportation link was the first step in accomplishing this. Entanglement is a concept from quantum mechanics that describes how, no matter how far apart two quantum systems are, measuring one of them always affects the other.

The protocol begins by entangling the electron in Alice’s node with a photon using a quantum operation. Alice’s qubit and Bob’s are now entangled by the electron in Bob’s node, which is subsequently fired down the optical cable to Bob. As a result, Bob transfers the entangled state tying him to Alice onto another qubit produced from a carbon atom in his diamond in order to establish a connection with Charlie as well. This is essentially a quantum memory, which saves the entangled state for future use.

Why Electrons are free to entangle? 

His electron is now free to entangle with Charlie in the same way that it was before. It is only after Bob has been entangled with both other nodes that he can swap his electron and the entangled state stored. In his memory qubit, creating a connection between Alice and Charlie’s qubits.


Now that the two previously disconnected nodes have come together, they must exchange their entangled state in order to send data back and forth. Charlie uses a technique known as a Bell State Measurement (BSM) to measure both the qubit containing the data they wish to communicate and the qubit that is entangled with Alice’s qubit.

Alice qubit

When Alice’s qubit receives the information. The information’s quantum state is instantly teleported to her own. But the procedure essentially encrypts the data, making further decryption necessary. A normal communication channel is employed to decrypt the message. And expose the quantum state sent by Charlie.

It is likely that teleportation could bypass the difficulties of conveying quantum information via optical lines. Even if these experiments were carried out on nodes only 60 feet apart. Even with this set-up, it was necessary to increase the optical communication’s dependability and the memory qubit’s fidelity significantly over earlier systems.

Research in Nature shows that all of these parts will need to be further developed before a complete quantum internet can be created. This is a tremendous step forward, but it’s not the end of the road for constructing global quantum networks.

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Q1: What are the chances of a quantum internet?

Using quantum teleportation to power a future quantum internet. Potentially unbreakable encryption might be made possible. The network nodes in the current experiment were only about 60 feet apart in the new experiment. Quantum systems can be entangled across extended distances, though. As demonstrated in prior research.

Q2: Is the quantum internet faster than the speed at which information travels across the internet?

Although quantum entanglement is one of the strangest. And most fascinating phenomena in physics. It cannot be used to carry communications faster than the speed of light.”

Q3: Is it possible to use the quantum internet to do anything?

Information may now be exchanged on a “quantum internet”. A network of quantum devices that provides ultra-secure communications, precise timekeeping, and a slew of additional applications that scientists can’t even begin to imagine.

Q4: In terms of distance, how far has the quantum internet come?

The University of Science and Technology of China’s Jian-Wei Pan is leading these efforts, and he anticipates a global quantum network to exist by 2030. If all goes according to plan, a quantum internet will be available in 13 years.

Q5: What is the truth about “quantum entanglement?”

In other words, it’s a phenomenon that’s both true and valuable. An important concept in quantum mechanics is “entanglement,” which is part of the larger body of knowledge about atomic and subatomic behaviour known as “quantum mechanics.”

Q6: Tachyons travel at what speed?

Tachyons are a fascinating concept in general relativity theory. Particles that travel faster than the speed of light are called “hypothetical”. They are distinct from “bradyons,” which are particles that travel at a lower speed than light.

Q7: How fast is it possible to go faster than light?

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, according to Einstein’s theory of special relativity. Observers all around the universe see the same apparent speed, thanks to Einstein’s explanation that it is a basic constant of nature.

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