Pumping up your business leads is a tough task in this day and age. While there are numerous methodologies to do so, one of the most profitable and natural ways is through a quiz.

Quizzes have an immense implementation within the business world. They allow a business to garner quite a lot of data, generate business leads, and interact with their audience.

But, not every quiz maker is made equally. Some are objectively better than others at particular things. While a simple list-based quiz might do the trick for some, others need specific data, and application development software powerful enough to analyze it .

Luckily, in this article, you’re going to find the eleven best quiz makers for generating leads in 2021.

ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker is one of the best quiz creation tools and has a long reputation. It has been around for quite a while and is packed with different quiz creation features.

These features complement any business purpose that you might imagine – from data collection, analysis, and ultimately generating leads. It offers more than 100 quiz templates that are further categorized into scored quizzes and personality quizzes . Personality quizzes are often used as a lead magnet on social media.

If you’re looking to create a quiz through ProProfs Quiz Maker, you’re going to be in for a treat. The quiz creation process isn’t only simple – it’s streamlined.

All of the tools are very available and easy to understand. Creating quizzes has never been as easy and as professional as with the ProProfs Quiz Maker tool.

iSpring Quizmaker

The iSpring Quizmaker is also a reasonably powerful quiz creation tool. It comes with superb analysis features, which make it ideal for data collection and refinement. While this is a powerful tool in itself, its features are not limited to data collection and analysis .

With the iSpring Quizmaker, you can create fully interactive quizzes to interact with your audience and generate more leads.

Since it is stocked with data accumulation features, boosting your business is as easy as utilizing a tool like this. When it comes to ease of use, it’s one of the more accessible programs to get a hold of on this list.

Lead Quizzes

Lead Quizzes is a great online quiz platform that allows you to make an online quiz in no time. It’s focused on pristine usability and comes chock full of potential.

It has excellent data accumulation features, and creating a quiz is as simple as picking one out of 43 unique templates and customizing it to your personal preference .

It’s very business-friendly and allows for some surprisingly detailed quiz creation and analysis. The main perk is its speed, as you can create a quiz from scratch in a matter of minutes.

Survey Monkey

Unlike the previous additions on this list, Survey Monkey provides all the benefits with a laid back view on the quiz world. While you can make great quizzes with this tool, and it has excellent analysis potential, the whole process is fun, simple, and streamlined.

While this tool has great potential to be a business tool, it’s even better at creating engaging quizzes for your audience.


Playbuzz is much like Survey Monkey, a fun, interactive, and engaging quiz creation tool for businesses . With this online quiz creation software, you can engage your audience in no time while collecting essential information.

Since information is one of the most valuable assets that we own in the 21st century, this tool is viable for the job. Its unique data analysis tools are catered better towards smaller, more local businesses than larger ones.


Interact is a great online quiz creation tool, ideal for larger businesses that are looking to accumulate, refine, and present data. That allows them to generate leads, which is essential in modern times.

The quiz creation tool itself is full of features and perks which allow businesses to create fully optimized quizzes for any of their needs. It will enable you to generate leads, segment your audience, and even drive traffic towards your website, all through an interactive and fun quiz.


Kwiksurveys is a free online quiz maker that allows you to create a fully interactive quiz with unmatched ease . Not only are there templates for the aesthetics of the quiz itself, but there are also word lists from which you can pick questions.

It’s an ideal quiz tool for a business of any size looking to create a quick, engaging, and exciting quiz for their audience. All the answers and information garnered from this quiz can be analyzed and refined to accumulate useful data – free of redundancies, situational knowledge, and false information.

The information can be used for generating leads and a multitude of other things.


QuizWorks is a popular online quiz creation tool, which is mostly based around educational technology . While this is an educational tool by design, it still has quite a lot of potential for businesses.

Educational specialists can benefit from creating quizzes to survey their class, and businesses can create advanced, interactive, and in-depth quizzes for their audience. It is a great tool that helps firms wholly garner accurate information – and generate leads in turn.


Creating quizzes that convert into leads has never been simpler than with Riddle. Riddle is a powerful online quiz creation platform, which allows businesses of any size to create interactive, high converting quizzes, polls, and surveys.

It’s centered around businesses of any size – large, medium or small . This means that any business can create a gorgeous and engaging quiz to generate leads, segment their audience, and collect essential data.


As stated in the name, Brandquiz is an online quizzing platform that allows you to create a compelling quiz to collect leads and feedback, engage your audience, and garner im8portant information.

Its ease of use is on par with all other tools on this list, but it’s data analysis tools are less so. That ma kes it ideal for smaller businesses looking to create a quick quiz to boost their engagement, collect leads, and drive traffic towards their website.


Wufoo has been around for quite a while but has only gained popularity in recent years . It allows you to create an interactive quiz promptly. Designing a questionnaire requires no prior coding knowledge, and the interface is entirely customizable.

All you need to do to make a custom, engaging, and interactive quiz is to pick from one of the 400+ templates and customize it with your information. It’s an excellent tool for businesses looking to create a gorgeous quiz promptly.

In Conclusion

Creating an engaging and exciting quiz has never been easier. Lead generation is simple when you utilize a fun quiz into your business arsenal.

All of these tools will serve businesses of any size and type, and you can use any one of them to drive traffic towards your website, generate leads, and segment your audience .