A lot of times, when I browse the internet and visit my favorite blogs, I find very interesting articles that I would absolutely love to read. But there is one problem: I simply don’t have enough time. Then I save the article to Pocket (read-it-later app) and it lands in the never-ending article graveyard.

Fortunately enough, there is a way to read blog posts and articles twice as fast as you would normally do! This technology is called “rapid serial visual presentation”, or RSVP.

How it works

Instead of the usual (slow) way of reading text you will see flashing words on your screen. One at a time. This method is very simple, yet very effective. Compared to the “normal” reading speed of 300 words per minute, an RSVP app can help you achieve a speed of up to 600 WPM.

Reading one word at a time significantly reduces eye movement and gets rid of sub-vocalisation (your inner voice), which saves you a lot of time.

600 words per minute

Sprint Reader for Chrome

Sprint Reader is an RSVP Chrome extension, allowing you to select any text on a website and then read it twice as fast as you would usually do. No more saving articles for later and never reading them again.

Just install the extension, select text on a web page, click “Sprint Read selected text” and start reading faster! And with a bit of training you can achieve insane reading speeds of up to 600 WPM.

At 600 WPM it would take you just 78 minutes to read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby! It would take you more time to watch two episodes of House of Cards than read the whole book! How about that?