How many times has it happened to you that you know you wrote something somewhere, but somehow it’s missing? Movie recommendation is a web page that might be useful for your research, grandma’s recipe, or even pick-up lines. You remember writing it, but now it disappeared. From there, people start asking the question, “ Whether they can recover their notes or not”? There is no room for panic in these situations because everything can be recovered; you just need to know how. 

That’s what we are going to show you in this guide. I am sure your teacher or parents told you this quote “The fool remembers, the clever writes.” If you look at the statistics, you will realize how much more you can remember by writing something down. That’s why people use notes these days a lot. Creative ideas can be very tricky to remember, especially if it was a part of brainstorming that brought to you some crazy idea that actually might work. It would help if you wrote it down before it vanishes or dilutes while you’re drinking alcohol. Besides that, if you have a grocery shopping list, those can be easily mixed up when you finish with that supermarket tour and accidentally deleted. If the note is deleted in the past 30 days from your Notes, it will appear on your “Recently deleted” folder. Otherwise, you will need to search for additional methods, but luckily, you will have them here. Since you came here, keep reading to find out how to find and recover lost notes.

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How to recover notes on iPhone

Now we will show you a couple of ways to recover some deleted notes that you randomly or accidentally deleted. Before everything, we need to check our account settings. Sometimes we have our apps connected to different third-party platforms, such as “Yahoo,” “Gmail,” “Hotmail,” etc. 

– To check this, go to settings, tap on “Mail,” and then on “Accounts” 

– Click on the e-mail account that you would like to check 

– Make sure that “Notes” on that account is lighting green, meaning switched on 

NOTE: If more than one of your e-mail accounts is active on this device, just follow the procedure for every account. In case that one of your accounts is missing, you will need to add it manually.

First of all, you need to make sure that you are in the correct “Notes” panel. Most iPhone devices are storing everything on iCloud. If you are using iCloud, your deleted notes should be in the “Recently deleted” folder. To check if it’s there opens the “Notes” app and tap on the “Back” button until you can see your folder list. You can try to manually search for a note by typing in the “Search bar” or click on the “Recently deleted” folder and check if it’s there.

In case that you found your note, to recover it, tap on “Edit.” After selecting a note, you would like to be moved from that folder, tap on “Move” and choose a folder containing this document in the future.

As we mentioned above, some iPhones are connected to third-party platforms, such as “Gmail,” “Yahoo,” “Hotmail,” or any other. Because of that, check the “Trash folder” in your mail app. It’s usually kept after that deleting a note from the “Notes” app. To recover a note from the mail app, you will need to copy and paste a new note. 

When searching for a note, you need to make sure that all accounts are selected. After selecting all accounts, type in a search bar word, phrase, or title of the note you are looking for. 

Another thing that we will recommend is something that worked for a person who deleted all their notes by accident. Luckily, they had a second iCloud device that was connected to the same iCloud account. What we suggested, and we were amazed that it worked, was to switch off Wi-Fi and mobile data. Suddenly all missing notes appeared in the “Notes” app. After all those notes showing up, you will need to copy and paste them into a new folder and let the program sync. It might take a while, especially if you have 350+ Anime recommendations, which we find typical these days. We expected that everything would get back to the previous situation after turning the internet on, but it didn’t. Basically, this fixed the problem. 

The original folder deleted all those files, but the second folder saved them. 

The final thing that we would recommend you to do is to go to “Backup” of your existing iCloud account and restore your “Notes” app. There is a way to restore certain apps and not your entire phone. 

To prevent this hectic situation from happening in the future, make sure that you have “Notes” switched on, on your iCloud account. That way, you’ll be able to recover those notes way faster. 

We know it might sound like a cliché, but writing your opinion can change the whole picture on something, and it costs you a minute of your time. Whether it’s some minor problem that can be fixed in minutes or just a way of thinking about something, someone might find it helpful. 

We are sure that you found yourself in a situation where you asked yourself, how come nobody spoke about this earlier. These days, you can find everything on the internet, thanks to you bringing those problems up and finding solutions for you. 

That’s why it’s an essential thing for us to hear; what do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section below. If you find another way to recover these, don’t be shy to share them with us. 

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