Reddit’s Top 10 Android & iOS Apps of 2014

Ladies and gentleman, the Reddit community has spoken. Thousands and thousands of people participated in a recent thread on /r/AskReddit to vote on the very best smartphone apps one should have installed nowadays.

What sets this list apart from many others is the fact that it contains not just the standard/obvious “top apps” like Facebook, Dropbox or others. Here you will most likely find one or two apps you haven’t heard about at all, which doesn’t mean they’re now absolutely awesome!

Without further ado, here is the list of Reddit’s top apps of 2014!

10. Gas Buddy

A blessing if you drive any kind of motor vehicle. Gas Buddy tells you the gas prices in your area and what time is best for you to go get some gas!

Android Link // iOS Link

9. Spotify

I have been using Spotify for quite a while now and I can’t remember the last time I needed to buy a song/album separately or even sync music to my phone. If you are an avid music lover, Spotify is your go-to music service with an amazing smartphone app that lets you sync all your playlists across devices, stream it on the go or even download your favorite tunes to your device to give your data plan a break.

Android Link //

8. Reddit Is Fun (alternatively Reddit News for Android)

Reddit Is Fun is one of the top Reddit apps out there. If you are on iOS, I can recommend using Alien Blue.

Android Link // iOS Link (Alien Blue)

7. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an app that helps you to wake up well rested and ready to enjoy your day. The app works like an alarm clock app with an amazing feature – analyzing your sleep patterns. If you set an alarm using Sleep Cycle, you will effectively set a window of around 30 minutes before your set time for the app to wake you up. If placed next to your pillow the app will record your movements while you are asleep to determine in which sleep cycle you currently are and wakes you up within that 30 minute window at the perfect time during a light sleep cycle.

Android Link // iOS Link

6. Twilight (Android only)

Twilight is f.lux’s equivalent for Android. The app adjusts the color temperature of your smartphone’s screen to make using your phone at night much easier on your eyes. If you’re on a jailbroken iOS device, try f.lux.

Android Link  // iOS Guide (f.lux)

5. Pushbullet

With Pushbullet you can push all your Android or iOS notifications to your Chorome browser (via the plugin). Besides that you can easily send files and links to your phone. Works instantly and hasn’t failed me a single time.

Android Link // iOS Link

4. Waze

Waze is a “social maps” app that user-generates information about what’s ahead of you on the road. Whether it’s traffic, an accident or even the police, Waze will tell you ahead of time. Never get busted for speeding again!

Android Link // iOS Link

3. IFTTT (If This Than That)

Does exactly what the name implies. With IFTTT you can create “Recipes” to do something when something happens. You can choose from a wide range of “triggers” and “actions” for your recipes. With IFTTT you can, for instance, send yourself an SMS when it starts to rain, auto-post anything across all your social media profiles and much much more. Check out our list of the best IFTTT recipes out there.

Android Link // iOS Link

2. McTube (iOS only)

McTube keeps playing YouTube audio after you lock your screen. Pretty straightforward. For Android I recommend using PVSTAR.

iOS Link

1. Wakie

“Wake up with strangers!”. Wakie is a social alarm clock app. With this app, at the time you have set your alarm you will get a call from someone and somewhere who will then, hopefully, wake you up in the morning. And you, in return, can wake up someone else somewhere around the earth. Weird app, but hey. It works! And it gets especially fun if someone drunk starts shouting at you in the morning!

Android Link // iOS Coming soon, get notified

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