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 Remove Duplicates in Excel: Easiest way to Get Rid of Duplicates in Excel

Remove Duplicates in Excel: Easiest way to Get Rid of Duplicates in Excel


Microsoft Excel is a broadly utilized application, yet it very well may be a little confounding with regards to Remove Duplicates in Excel. Eliminating duplicates in Excel is a common undertaking for individuals chipping away at colossal datasets. At the point when you join various tables, or when many individuals approach a similar report, you may wind up having repeated columns on your accounting page.

Hence, making the information repetitive. The bigger the dataset, the higher are the odds of experiencing duplicate records. It very well may be hazardous in case they are not distinguished and taken care of accurately. We will outline how to remove duplicates in Excel utilizing a Sports dataset. This dataset contains data about Olympic medalists for the year 2012.

spreadsheet example

 Howto Remove Duplicates in Excel

Excel has an underlying instrument that erases repeated entries in your dataset. We should view the means to be followed to eliminate duplicates in Excel.

Utilize Data Tab: Remove Duplicates Option

  • To start with, click on any cell or a particular reach in the dataset from which you need to eliminate copies. If you click on a solitary cell, Excel naturally decides the reach for you in the subsequent stage.

again spreadsheet example with different spreadsheet

  • Then, find the ‘Remove Duplicates’ choice and select it.

Data tab → Data Tools segment → Remove Duplicates

  • A dialog box shows up, as displayed beneath. You can choose the columns you need to look at and check for duplicate information.

If your data comprises section headers, select the ‘My data has headers’ choice, and afterward click on OK.

On really looking at the header choice, the primary row won’t be considered for eliminating duplicate values.

remove duplicate menu

  • Excel will presently erase the copy lines and show an exchange box. The exchange box shows an outline of the number of copy values are found and eliminated alongside the count of special qualities.
  • As you can see, the copy records are taken out.

spreadsheet with deleted duplicateds

How about we push ahead and see how to eliminate duplicates in Excel utilizing the Advanced Filter choice.

Use Advanced Filter Alternative

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The Advanced Filter choice in Excel assists you with separating duplicate values and duplicating the values to an alternate area. Check out the accompanying strides to discover how the Advanced Filter choice functions.

  • To begin with, click on a cell or reach in the dataset from which you need to eliminate copies. On the off chance that you click on a solitary cell, Excel naturally decides the reach when you click on Advanced Filter.


  • Find the Advanced Filter choice.

Data tab → Sort and Filter area → Advanced and click on it.

using filters

  • You will see a dialog box. It comprises a rundown of choices for advanced filtering.
  • Select the ‘Copy to another location’ choice to duplicate the unique values to an alternate area.
  • Check the scope of your records in the ‘List Range’ field and ensure it is the reach that you have determined.
  • In the ‘Copy to:’ field, enter the reach where the resultant unique values should be replicated.
  • Check the ‘Unique records only’ box. This progression is the most pivotal.
  • Click on OK.
  • The unique values will be duplicated to cell G1.

functionalities in Excel

These were the in-constructed functionalities in Excel that help us in eliminating duplicate values. Presently, how about we push ahead and figure out how we can make our function do likewise.

Make use of Formulas to Remove Duplicates in Excel

We will utilize a straightforward model containing the sections: kind of game, competitor name and award won to show this methodology.

This strategy includes joining the columns utilizing an Excel formula and discovering the count. We will then, at that point, sift through the copy esteems (ones that have a count more noteworthy than 1).

  • How about we join segments A, B, and C by utilizing the connection administrator “&”. Thus, the Excel recipe would be:


This recipe is gone into cell D2 and afterward duplicated down to every one of the columns.

use of Formulas to Remove Duplicates in Excel

  • Now, we will require another segment named ‘Exclude to discover the copies in Column D. Consequently, we utilize the COUNTIF work on cell E2. The recipe will be:


This formula helps count the number of events of each worth in column D.

using COUNTIF($D$2:D2,D2) formula

In the event that the worth of Count is “1”, it has just shown up once and is exceptional. If the worth is at least 2, it is viewed as a duplicate value.

  • Then, insert a filter to the Count segment by choosing the Filter choice.

You will see it in the DATA tab → Sort and Filter segment → Filter

Click on the channel at the highest point of Column E. Select “1 ” to keep just the novel qualities and eliminate the copies.

On clicking OK, the duplicate values will be eliminated from the table. You can duplicate these resultant remarkable records and glue them somewhere else.

duplicate resultant


This was about the steps on how to remove duplicates in Excel. I hope your doubts get taken care of.



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