Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu Statue Costs, Height

Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu Statue. “Sophistication, feminine strength, and bloodlust,” according to the maker. When you play Resident Evil Village, you’ll encounter the terrifying Lady Dimitrescu, a gigantic hot vampire who will chase and hopefully dismember you. A 3-foot monument has been erected so that 766 people can publicly declare their love for one another in the sight of relatives and family members who might find it awkward.

PureArts, a collectible producer that has previously licenced popular characters from League of Legends, Cyberpunk 2077, and Assassin’s Creed, is behind the licenced design.

For those who prefer a less frightening position, PureArt’s Lady Dimitrescu can sport her trademark Freddy Kreuger claws. In addition to a custom-tailored cloth dress and a removable hat, this assertive conversation starter is sure to get people talking.

Finally, for $1,500, you can own a Lady Dimitrescu statue that is larger than most infants:

For around the same price as a high-end gaming laptop or a professional-grade GPU, you can pre-order Lady D from PureArts for $1,500. Only 100 of the rare Resi Village metal key variations will be produced, along with a cheeky 666 copies without it.

Expensive statues to frighten your houseguests have never been more popular. PureArt also manufactures unauthorised statues that would never be approved by Capcom, such as Lady D, which is being built in conjunction with Capcom. In spite of Lady D’s lack of chutzpah, her price, size, and luxurious build quality more than make up for it. Indeed, 766 people are ready to put their loved ones on edge, making them exceedingly apprehensive.

Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village will now be commemorated with a towering statue

You may get a highly accurate recreation of Resident Evil Village’s infamous foe for the princely sum of $1,500.

This year’s standout character was clearly Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village, thanks to her charming personality, gorgeous design, and imposing stature as if she played basketball professionally. It’s no surprise that Lady Dimitrescu, one of Capcom’s most beloved characters, is getting her own in-action figure.

With only 666 of the Lady Dimitrescu quarter-scale statues being made, Pure Arts has captured her regal beauty and fatal charm in a realistic replica of the deadly foe. Using a polyresin body, a foundation made of faux wood and marble materials, as well as hyper-detailed skin textures, Pure Arts claims to have created the figure.

Stylistically, the statue features pre-styled hair and a custom-tailored gown that can be removed. According to the source material, Lady Dimitrescu stands at an amazing 35 inches tall in this version of the character.

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Resident Evil Lady Dimitrescu Statue


Q1: “How tall is she without her heels?”

Even with her headdress and stilettos, Lady Dimitrescu—the heiress to the Dimitrescu dynasty and the mistress of Castle Dimitrescu—is a towering 9’6″ in Resident Evil Village.

Q2: What is the height of Resident Evil Lady Dimitrescu Statue heels?

IGN claims that the lovely lady’s shoe size is 44cm, according to art director Tomonori Takano. Who designed Dimitrescu (17.3 inches)

Q3: In comparison to her nemesis, how tall is Lady Dimitrescu herself?

Nemesis and Mr. X are both listed at 7’3″. Therefore Lady Dimitrescu is at least two feet taller than both of them. Despite the fact that no one has confirmed the former’s height. I’m not sure how this affects us. But it’s certainly a good thing to know, for sure.

Q4: What is the feet size of the Vampire lady Resident Evil Village?

Nine foot six-inches

Vampire lady Resident Evil Village is a staggering 9’6″ or 289.56cm tall. Lady Dimitrescu is said to weigh roughly 450 pounds or 204.1 kilogrammes. Making her a formidable threat to anyone she steps on with her fashionable, snow-white high heels.

Q5: What is the foot size of Lady Dimitrescu?

We also got to speak to Art director Tomonori Takano about Lady Dimitrescu’s design. Also, in an interview with IGN (opens in new tab). Her shoe size is 17.3 inches.

Q6: What is the nemesis’s height?

The Nemesis outfit was designed by Kropserkel Inc. and PJFX Studios. And it stands at a height of 7 feet 3 inches (2.21 m) and weighs approximately 100 pounds (45 kg). At Kropserkel’s headquarters, the costume for Apocalypse was refurbished and put on display

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