Knowledgehut has brought the SAFe Release Train Engineer Certification course on its immersive platform which aims to equip the attendees to the course with all the required in-demand job skills in making the most efficient and impactful leader in a SAFe enterprise.

By the successful completion of this training course, it will satisfy the attendees with all the knowledge and understanding needed to get SAFe Release Train Engineer Course. Most importantly the course will guide you in preparing yourself in passing exam in your very first attempt.

Upon getting certified, you become a SAFe certified Release Train Engineer having the skills and knowledge you need for to execute and release value in your organizations at scale. You will become well competent in assisting with the execution of both program and large solution and simultaneously in building a high performing ART as both a servant leader and a coach. The certification given of becoming professional c SAFe Release Train Engineer will give an edge to your resume over your peers, help you stand out among them before the recruiters and thus opening up lucrative career paths for you with satisfying pay scale.

Reasons you should get certified as a SAFE Release Train Engineer

As a SAFE Release Train Engineer, you will play a crucial role in leading an Agile Release Train to deliver value to your organization at scale. Our course will help you become able to navigate through all the major and minor challenges that you ought to face from aligning large development programs. You get a solid competency by grasping the entire scaling Lean practices, smooth closer communication and collaboration with stakeholders and clients, and escalation of critical impediments, mitigating running risks, and striving for a continual improvement.

The SAFe® 5 Release Train Engineer Certification is the latest edition designation in RTE offered by Scaled Agile, Inc. to all the practitioners who complete the 3-day training program provided by SAFe® Program Consultant and the enthusiasts who demonstrate their understanding and knowledge by passing the SAFe® RTE certification exam.

Why Become a SAFe® 5 Release Train Engineer?

It is known for the fact that with the rise of globalization and volatile markets with advanced technology, it becomes imperative for the enterprises to implement an Agile transformation at their place, as gets necessitated to survive in the market. More than 70% of the Fortune 100 companies has adapted SAFe framework on their organization-wide transition to Agility.

A SAFe RTE is the most sought after by the leading companies because they have the competent skills to manage stakeholder expectations simultaneously with aligning Agile team to higher-value delivery. As a RTE, you’ll become part of a professional group of SAFe experts who are quite in-demand across top companies.

Skills that you will gain in the SAFe 5 Release Train Engineer Certification Training

On acing the SAFe 5 Release Train Engineer Certification exam, you will become a certified SAFe 5 Release Train Engineer and with this certification you will certainly gain skills that are widely in demand by the recruiters for choosing the right candidate who will scale the value of their organization to next level with his SAFe practices. Some of the skills that you will gain from this certification Training Course are below listed:

  1. You will learn Facilitating PI Planning about the way of establishing and communicating PI calendar, and the execution of ART-level SAFe rituals and events
  2. With the inculcated skills you get to create the right working and professional environment by ensuring smooth workflows and leading ARTs to deliver value to the organization.
  3. As SAFe RTE you get experience such that can act as both coach and mentor in governing the different roles across the program and stakeholders.
  4. With the help of experience gained in aligning team values use the metrics to implement transparency and trust in the ART and its work environment.
  5. You will learn how to foster a culture of relentless improvement and at the same time development of high performing teams


There are absolutely no pre requirements that you need to satisfy to attend this SAFe 5 Release Train Engineer Certification program. However, for better understanding of the course, a little understanding of basic Agile principles and practices is strongly recommended. Also, it is to be noted that a prior certification in a SAFe course and precious experience on a SAFe team will act as an added advantage