How to Check if You’ve Been Shadow banned on Reddit in 2022

See whether You’re Shadow banned on Reddit (2022)

What is Shadow banning on Reddit?

Shadow banning on Reddit alludes to the state where you can’t make new posts and remarks on the stage. Despite the fact that you can actually make posts and remark on them when you are shadow banned, they will not be apparent to anybody aside from you and the subreddit’s mediators. Assuming you have been posting on Reddit and getting no upvotes, downvotes, or remarks on your posts, odds are you are shadow banned. Peruse on to know how you can affirm if Reddit shadow banned you.

Shadowbanned on Reddit

Utilize Incognito Mode to Check If You’re Shadow banned on Reddit

The simplest method for finding on the off chance that you’re shadow banned is to open your post in disguise mode. This is the way to do that:

  1. Open your Reddit post, click on the Share button, and pick “Duplicate Link” to duplicate the post’s connection. Presently, open another in disguise window utilizing the console easy route Ctrl+Shift+N (Ctrl+Shift+P for Firefox) and glue the connection in the location bar.
  2. On the off chance that you can see the post’s title and body in undercover mode, you can have confidence that you are not shadow banned. Then again, you are shadow banned in the event that you can’t see the post in the in disguise tab.

Post in r/ShadowBan to Check if Reddit Shadow Banned You

  1. Visit the r/ShadowBan subreddit and make another post. In the post title, add any example text you need and snap the “Post” button to post it.
  2. Sit tight for a couple of moments, and the MarkdownShadowBot bot will examine your record and answer your post. Close by your record’s shadow boycott status, the bot shows your last 100 entries or remarks alongside subreddit subtleties. It likewise connects your posts/remarks and shows in the event that the post is eliminated or not. For this situation, my record isn’t shadow banned.


Eliminate Reddit ShadowBan: Raise an Appeal

Assuming you have observed that Reddit has shadow banned your record, you can raise an enticement for recuperate your record. To do this, you can either finish up Reddit’s requests structure or send an immediate message. This is the way to get everything rolling:

  1. Visit Reddit’s requests gateway and enter a concise depiction of your issue in the text box. In the wake of depicting the issue, check the “I have perused the Reddit Content Policy and the Suspensions help article” checkbox and click the “Submit” button. Reddit’s help group will then, at that point, connect with resolve your issue.
  2. Another choice is to send a private message to Reddit. Click this immediate connection to portray the issue you’re confronting and hit the “Send” button. You will get an auto-answer recognizing your message, and Reddit’s help group ought to before long answer your allure.

In secret Mode

How might I let know if I'm shadow banned on Reddit?

Some of the time, to take care of business, you’ve recently got to do it without anyone else’s help. Fortunately, Chrome’s Incognito Mode is a speedy and simple answer for checking your Reddit presents on check whether they’re overall consequently erased without you knowing.

You should simply make a post, duplicate the URL, then, at that point, open another in secret tab and glue the URL to see it. Assuming that you see your post, you’re not shadow banned from the subreddit. Assuming that you see “[removed]”, it doesn’t be guaranteed to mean you’re shadow banned on Reddit-yet you could be.


Accepting your post contained joins, it might have been erased in light of a spam channel. On the off chance that it didn’t, you can securely accept at least for a moment that you’re shadow banned.

The most idiot proof method for making sure that you’re shadow banned on Reddit and not being separated is by making a unique post, without adding any connects to it, that cautiously keeps the guidelines of the subreddit. Assuming it’s quickly erased, you’re shadow banned.

These three techniques ought to assist you with making a determination on the off chance that you’re shadow banned in a specific subreddit. Reddit shadowbans are precarious and in some cases go through cycles, so our best guidance is to cross-confirm your boycott (or deficiency in that department) utilizing every one of ways illustrated in this article.


Tips to Avoid Shadowban on Reddit

  • Try not to utilize VPN while making another record

In the event that you utilized any of the best VPNs to make another Reddit account, your record is probably going to set off Reddit’s spam channel. Subsequently, it’s smarter to switch off your VPN while joining on Reddit.

  • Try not to associate with your posts from an alt account

Assuming that you give to upvote or remark a shot your posts from an alt account with an end goal to game the democratic framework, Reddit could shadow boycott you. In the most dire outcome imaginable, both of your records could get shadow banned.

  • Try not to tap on dubious connections

Albeit this tip is pertinent while you’re perusing the web, it is especially useful here. Ensure you don’t succumb to phishing endeavors that could think twice about account. You can peruse more on this point in our internet based trick insurance tips and deceives article.

  • Try not to spam on numerous subreddits on the double

Assuming that you go on a self-advancement binge and offer a similar connection on different subreddits immediately, your record could get shadow banned. As a workaround, you could take a stab at sharing posts at short time frame stretches. In addition, don’t share off-point connects to subreddits.

Aside from these tips, Reddit client u/cojoco has assembled a comprehensive rundown in the r/ShadowBan subreddit, which is even stuck by the subreddit arbitrators. It ought to assist you with getting a superior viewpoint on things to remember while utilizing Reddit.

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FAQs :

Q1. How might I let know if I’m shadow banned on Reddit?

To see whether you’re shadow banned on Reddit, make a post in the r/Shadow Ban subreddit. A bot will answer you, informing you as to whether you’re shadow banned. Regardless of whether you’re not, the bot will let you know which posts of yours have been eliminated as of late (if any).

Q2. How long will I be shadow banned on Reddit?

Suspensions can be super durable or impermanent, with clients told how long they will not have the option to post to Reddit (most boycotts will go on around three to five days). Suspended clients can’t post, vote, remark, or send private messages.

Q3. Will a subreddit Shadow Ban you?

It really depends on arbitrators of a specific subreddit to choose if a client should be prohibited. You can in any case visit a subreddit that you are restricted in, yet you can’t submit content or take an interest in conversations. You get shadow banned from the whole Reddit site. This depends on the chairmen.

Q4. How would I dispose of Shadow Ban on Reddit?

Message Admins inquiring as to why you were shadow banned (respectfully)

Use post/messages/remarks being referred to demonstrate blamelessness.

Continue to message the Admins, something like one time per day.


Q5. How would I unban my Reddit account?

It is absolutely impossible to get unbanned on Reddit, regardless of whether your first post is harmlessly lost, there is just no instrument to get unbanned.

Q6. How long do Reddit boycotts last?

Being not able to make new posts and remark on entertaining posts when you have found the best subreddit for your specialty interest on Reddit can be a disagreeable encounter. Assuming nobody is seeing your new posts and remarks, there’s plausible that you’ve been shadow banned on the stage. So this is the way to check assuming that you are shadow banned on Reddit, alongside a couple of tips to try not to get shadow banned.

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