How To Share A Screenshot In Less Than 5 Seconds

Have you ever needed to share a snapshot of your screen with somebody? I bet you have.

This is how you would probably share a screenshot:

  1. Make a screenshot
  2. Save the file
  3. Send the file

There is a much quicker and easier way to share screenshots online. A way that would save you the hassle of sending individual files via email or whatnot.

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The quickest way to share a screenshot

The latest desktop version of Dropbox supports a feature that allows you to share a screenshot extremely fast. There are just two steps:

  1. Make a screenshot
  2. Share the link


After making the screenshot, the link to the file is automatically copied to your clipboard. The only thing you need to do is share the link however you want. The person you sent the link to just needs to click on it to open your screenshot in any internet browser. Quick and easy.

If you are using a Mac, check out what awesome screenshot features OS X comes with!

In case you have a slow internet connection or you have made an extremely big screenshot (like on a Retina or 4K display) the upload will take a while. But don’t worry. You can share the link even before the upload is finished. It will work as soon as it’s done.

Benefits of using Dropbox for sharing screenshots:

  1. It’s  quick to share
  2. It’s quick to open
  3. Can be opened on all devices
  4. The receiver doesn’t need any additional software (not even Dropbox)

Dropbox is one of the greatest collaboration tools out there. In case you are not using it, you are really missing out. The screenshot feature is just one of the reasons why I use this app every single day, both for work and private use. Make sure to check out this post for some interesting and unconventional uses for Dropbox and how to get more Dropbox space!

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