10 Sites to Bookmark If You Want to Do Your Homework Faster

What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle. Does this sound familiar to you? This saying perfectly represents what modern students go through. The number of tasks increases with every semester and finishing one’s homework becomes truly time-consuming.

However, with some handy sites, the process can become quicker and much easier. So, we’ve thought about the most common students’ needs and prepared a list of platforms that address them all.


Essays are perhaps the most popular type of school assignment and we aim at making papers as easy to read as possible. To make sure that your writing is not overloaded with complex constructions, turn to the Hemingway app. It helps to write like the famous author – in a bold and clear way.

The service is extremely user-friendly. It highlights sentences that are difficult to read in yellow, and sentences that are extra difficult – in red. Purple parts can be simplified with the alternative. It also grades your text’s general readability. Aim for 9 or less.


Once you finish essay writing, next comes another responsible task – editing. It goes without saying that even a good, logical piece can be ruined by grammar errors, typos and poor punctuation. Many students face a common problem when editing. They’ve read the paper so many times that it’s hard to notice any flaws.

The most essential thing is to find a fresh perspective and with Grammarly, it becomes possible. This platform reveals all the text’s problems in the blink of an eye. It also checks the essay’s style and sentence structure.


We need trustworthy, reliable sources for any type of work, and that’s exactly when GoogleScholar saves the day. In fact, it is a search engine for scientific publications. The site gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with books, dissertations and articles as well as find ready-made references in different formats.

The search is free, but to get access to the full text, you may be required to pay a certain fee.

Of course, all this makes studying harder. However, when students start thinking ‘can I pay someone to write my research paper?’, they quickly find helpful services like WritePaper. Turning to someone professional is an amazing way to stop worrying about the deadlines and grades, while still saving your time for what really matters.

10 Sites to Bookmark If You Want to Do Your Homework Faster


When looking for a background or some information, we are typically drawn to Wikipedia. Surely, it provides facts on practically any topic. However, Wikipedia is not always trustworthy, as topics are often edited by volunteers, not academics and professionals.

That is why it may be a good idea to go to the encyclopedia Britannica. This platform’s texts are written by identifiable, credible authors. Another advantage is that the site offers sufficient background information but doesn’t overwhelm you with facts and details at the same time.


Sometimes, to finish our homework we lack not only time and tools, but knowledge, too. To expand on it, why not try an online course? With EdX, you can deepen your comprehension in any subject (from PR to computer science, finance, and even music). Here are the pros of this platform:

  • Classes are available to an international audience;
  • Courses are taught by professors of the world’s largest universities;
  • There are not only lectures, but tests and exams to check on your progress.

Studying on EdX.org is free, but to get a certificate you need to pay.


Another valuable site for expanding horizons is Udemy. Here, you can choose from 155,000 online video courses, and new ones are added almost every month. While other well-known platforms rely on academic courses created by major universities, Udemy focuses on helping you gain practical skills.

Udemy has a unique approach towards learning, as anyone can create a course here and start sharing their expertise with the world. That is why the emphasis is not on colleges and their prestige, but rather on the content’s value.


Sometimes, school lessons are not enough for learning a language, so Duolingo comes to the rescue. The main difference between Duolingo and its competitors is the chance to learn a language from scratch.

Here, tasks are grouped by levels of complexity. Interestingly, users can rate each other and vote for the best translations. With Duolingo, you will surely improve your reading, listening and speaking skills thanks to a great variety of tasks. And if you have failed some, the service will return you to them and show you the mistakes.


Almost no homework is complete without using textbooks, but what if they are too expensive? Perhaps the best option is to buy used books at an affordable price from other students. You can also sell your old textbooks on TheBookPond.com, as they will probably be useful to someone else.


Sometimes we have questions that are too complicated for a simple Google search. The best way to find answers is to turn to people who are familiar with the topic. Quora is a knowledge-sharing service and a great place to share your expertise and help others. The site uses an algorithm for ranking the value of each user’s answer. How? It is based on how valuable their previous answers are.


TEDTalks is a world-famous project. It unites people who are famous in their industries, so they deliver lectures that are quite useful yet short.

TED lectures are of great interest among students, which is why the platform has created another initiative – TedEd. These are short videos (typically they are 5-10 min long) presenting an animated story about a specific scientific fact. Some of them are included in the educational program, some are not.

Turn to TedEd if you are tired of reading textbooks or surfing the internet, looking for answers for hours.

To Sum Up

In this article, we offered solutions to the most popular student problems. Among them – difficulties arising when editing papers and searching for reliable sources. Others include an inability to find an answer to an important question or a weak knowledge base.

We’ve also included services that allow you to learn many things, from a new language to economics or physics. Visit all sites and choose the one that suits you best.

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