Snapchat My AI Update: Now You Favorite Chatbot Can Set Reminders and Countdowns!


Soon, Snapchat users will be able to make notes inside the app with the help of My AI. Conversations that can be changed, Bitmoji looks that are made by AI, map reactions, emoji answers, and more are all part of this push. Snapchat wants people to set alarms and countdowns on its app instead of the built-in clock app on their phones by adding AI hints.

People can tell My AI about events or jobs right in the chat window or while they’re talking with friends. These alerts can help Snapchat users plan to do different things, like finish their tasks or make plans for future events. Now Snapchat lets you do more than just talk to your friends. It might get more use now. Snapchat is also making a change so that users can change their texts up to five minutes after they’ve been sent.

This feature will only work for Snapchat+ users at first. In the end, everyone will be able to use it, which will let people talk more freely. Users will soon be able to dress their Bitmoji figures in clothes they make themselves using generative AI. This is yet another clever move. With designs like “vibrant graffiti” or “skull flowers,” users can make their own and then change them even more before adding them to their Bitmoji avatars.

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My AI Chatbot Can Now Set Reminders and Countdowns

People who want to set alarms and countdowns on their phones should use Snapchat’s app instead of the built-in clock app. Now there’s a new AI tool that can do that. People can ask the My AI chatbot to set a reminder for a job or event in the app’s chat window or while they’re talking to a friend. This function can be used to keep track of time until a date or to remind someone to finish a task.

It also makes Snapchat look more like a business app, which could lead more people to use it. Soon, people will be able to change chat messages up to five minutes after sending them. Snapchat says that people who pay for the service will be the first to be able to use it. At some point, everyone will be able to go there. Thanks to smart AI, users will soon be able to dress up their Bitmoji in their own digital clothes.

Snapchat My AI Chatbot Can Now Set Reminders and Countdowns

You can change the Bitmoji’s clothing theme by typing in words like “vibrant graffiti” or “skull flower.” After that, the app will make a pattern that you can change even more by moving in and out. You can use it on your Bitmoji or save it for later when you’re done. As another change, people who want to can now quickly say where their friends are on the map when they say where they are. Meet your friend on your way to work in the morning? Wave at them.

You can also send your friends a heart to let them know you had a good time with them. Snapchat is also letting you reply to talks with emojis. People used to be able to quickly reply to a chat message with a Bitmoji. They can now use an image instead. You can respond with emojis in more and more apps now, like Instagram and Messenger.

It makes sense for Snapchat to follow suit. Snap just recently said that in the first three months of 2024, 422 million people used it every day. That’s 39 million more than this time last year and 10 million more than the year before. The number of people using Snapchat+ more than tripled every year. There are over 9 million of them now.

Emoji Reactions

The only way people could answer chat texts until now was with Bitmojis. On Snapchat, you can now use well-known emojis. To add an image, hold down on the text and click on the “+” sign. Then choose a picture from the list.

Snapchat My AI Chatbot Can Now Set Reminders and Countdowns


You can now change styles in Snapchat chats and answer with emojis. You can also map reactions and set My AI to tell you of things. The app now has AI-driven lenses and new Bitmoji looks that can be changed. These tools will be added to Snapchat in the next few months. People who have Snapchat Plus will be the first to try them out.

The business wrote on its blog that users will soon be able to change texts up to five minutes after they were written. This function will slowly be available to all Snapchat Plus users around the world. It used to be impossible to fix a mistake in a message. We were told to press and hold on to the message we wanted to change and then pick “Edit” from the menu.

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