SwiftKey, an alternative keyboard app for Android devices, released a major update earlier today – SwiftKey 4. If you haven’t heard about SwiftKey, you should definitely check it out. It is one of the best Android keyboards out there with a sophisticated correction and prediction function. I have been using SwiftKey for a long time already and never want to use anything else again.

SwiftKey learns from your messages and texts you write and can use your Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email data to learn your personal writing style. Thanks to that, it often predicts what you want to write so that you only need to tap on the suggestions to quickly complete often used sentences.

swiftkey flow example

New Features In SwiftKey 4

The most significant new feature in this update is the finger-gliding input method, which SwiftKey calls “SwiftKey Flow“. With Flow, SwiftKey is able to catch up with its competitor Swype. It is possible to write whole sentences without having to lift your finger even once. In comparison, Swype users need to lift their fingers to start a new word.

SwiftKey offered Flow as a beta version to its VIP community since last October for extensive testing and bug-fixing.

Flow is the biggest but not the only new feature in SwiftKey 4. Below is a list with all new things you can expect from the update:

  • SwiftKey Flow – a finger-gliding feature to make writing possible without lifting your fingers from the screen
  • Flow Through Space – Wrinting whole sentences using Flow without having to lift up any fingers by gliding over the space bar between single words
  • Support of over 60 languages
  • Personalized Typing Style – SwiftKey adapts to your writing style to offer better predictions and corrections
  • More convenient corrections – Tapping on a word moves the cursor to its end and offer you two alternatives

In my personal experience, SwiftKey has been the best Android keyboard so far and these new features add more value and attract new Android users who prefer finger-gliding over typing.

As a new user you can download SwiftKey 4 at the moment for $1.99. The normal price is $3.99. If you have purchased earlier versions of SwiftKey the update is available for free.