There is no denying the power of technology in gaming; both online casinos and casino apps are beneficiaries.

The mobile casino gaming smartphone apps are faster, smoother, and give an incredible player experience.

And as for an online casino? There are more available game choices than ever before; live gaming is fast and enjoyable, giving people many options.

The UK and Europe have been enjoying online casinos and gambling that has been well regulated for many years. The US, however, is now seeing just how great online gambling can be. Companies like DraftKings are doubling down on their online casino product.

The legalities surrounding online and land-based casinos are ever-changing in the US, and new gaming rules have come into play state by state.

With the welcoming of online gambling and sports betting in many states, and the implementation of infrastructures to support the rapidly-growing betting and casino industry in the US, progress is inevitable.

Technology is changing the face of everything we do and how we do it – so what can we experience now and expect to see in the future?


When you put money into an online account and withdraw winnings, you need to know that your cash is kept safe.

Fraud is a big issue for all industries that deal with finances, and it’s not uncommon in the casino industry either, but these gambling companies know that safety and security is essential for their users.

While players and punters are used to adding two-factor authentication, passwords, and extra checks from banks – AI is making its debut.

It’s not just the players at risk either; the businesses themselves are at risk of scammers.

Artificial intelligence is in the early stages, but AI has already been implemented in China to ensure no minors play the games. AI can also allow for a faster way to process identification.

But where AI can come into its own and make a huge impact is by helping to identify players who may have gambling problems and help protect them.


In the early days of virtual reality, it was expensive and clunky. Over time though, the technology became more readily available to consumers and businesses. Whilst VR technology was around, there weren’t a lot of games that had the components to make it an authentic experience.

Virtual reality in the online casino world is becoming a reality and one that will become widely available, with accessibility increasing on an exponential scale.

Live Dealers

Let’s face it – casinos and betting are all about entertainment. Land-based and online casinos offer much more than just sitting at the poker table or a slots machine.

But the land-based casino experience offers something that wasn’t available until now. Live dealers blur the lines between playing online and playing in a real-live casino.

What are live dealers? A live-dealer game is where the online casino has a real live person dealing with the cards. Live dealers are often the preferred method for people to play, as it gives them an extra layer of enjoyment and realism.

Mobile technology

The incredible advancements in technology have meant that we can take almost any information and payment options with us. In the case of gaming, we have so many games we can take with us, including casino games.

Mobile technology offers players amazing lightweight apps that quickly and automatically log into their account and play in seconds.

Mobility means that players can take their games with them on tablets or smartphones – and play anywhere they want – at any time.

Having mobile technology available has allowed players to play wherever and whenever they like.

App developers have access to some of the most incredible environments for building smartphone and tablet applications, which is reflected in the quality of the gaming app itself.

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Poker will always look and feel like poker, which is the case for many classic card games. However, some of the most innovative games on the market are slots and bingo.

Slots are the most played online casino game across the globe, and for a good reason.

One of the most flashy games, with no skill involved, is slots – and those things are both positive things. Slots offered a massive range of themes like vampires for Twilight lovers, music like Guns N’ Roses, and even fluffy animals and the galaxy.

From the retro feeling slots to the most modern ones available, gaming developers are challenged to develop new ideas as often as possible.


There are a couple of casinos that only deal in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, an increase in casinos that add cryptocurrency as one of the payment methods accepted is being seen, as it is in various other industries and countries.

One of the exciting things is that casino payments were already quick, yet the speed seems to have increased with cryptocurrency.

There is an added layer to using cryptocurrency, though; the transactions are anonymous. Although a ledger maintains all of the movement for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it’s unknown.

More casinos will likely introduce the ability to transact in cryptocurrency too. It also offers players the opportunity to play globally when combined with a VPN; it can play on any site you like.