Your Mac serves the great purpose of creating a flawless, distraction-free, portable environment for your writing and all other creative productions. It just gets things done in a seamless manner and if paired with the best Mac Apps for Writing, can extract out the best writer in yourself. Mac is also great for students who are in college and seeking a thesis writing service for their rescue.

There are several free and paid writing apps available in the market that can be accompanied by your mac to kick off your writing career or help you write the best essay for your final year submission.

I’m leaving out Google Docs and Microsoft Word deliberately to make room for the rest of the exceptional apps available for your mac.

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Write! is a terrific writing tool that claims to be the only one available for Mac OS with cloud access and a distraction-free writing environment and legitimately does so. The minimal interface of Write! helps to hide all its features and buttons for a more focused writing interface. But don’t let its minimalistic approach deceive you into thinking less about its features, which include auto-completing, spell checking, and detailed word counting to help you navigate through your creative flow effortlessly. Write! is often the first choice for professional writers in the distraction-free writing market.

The widely functional app for Mac is also available to use on Windows platforms with a yearly fee of $24.95, which guarantees a complete Write! experience.

IA Writer:

IA Writer is more focused on ‘focus’ than any other writing app for Mac. It looks like they ditched all other excess functionalities to make way for a writer-friendly interface, but they certainly didn’t. IA Writer packs a plethora of boastful features that should intrigue you into getting your hands on this app with a one-time purchase depending on the platform.

Used by half a million people all across the world, AI Writer packs Focus Mode, Syntax Customization, Style Check, markdown – to help academic writing, and of course, spell-check. Style Check is what you can think of as an editor in chief for your writings, helping you correct your grammar, redundancies, sentence constructions and much more.


Grammarly is like bread and butter for me. I don’t even remember a time when Grammarly wasn’t there to save me from my own spellings and punctuations. Grammarly doesn’t only correct spellings, it has built-in features to suggest better words, verbs, and structure for a better flow of reading and also indicates the tone of writing. It also has IOS and Android support to review quick emails and Facebook posts for horrible mistakes.

Grammarly presents its most basic features like spell check, grammar and punctuations suggestions to its free users, but premium comes with a quite affordable monthly fee of $11.66, which also includes a plagiarism checker and rephrasing tool that helps curtail redundant words.


Drafts are the starting point of something bigger. Drafts can be opened and typed, dictated, or marked up for various other apps without any additional hassles of creating a folder, setting up a name or even clicking a button. You just get going with your flow of thoughts with Drafts, which can be organized later with the help of a plethora of features it offers like tagging, line adjustments, and other basic formattings.

Drafts opens up fast and integrates with several other writing apps to make note-taking business as easy as getting a paper cut. In contrast to other apps, Drafts approach note-taking with a priority-based system, where writing comes first and organizing, later.


The long writing beast, the best friend of novelists, screenwriters, non-fiction writers, students, academics, lawyers, journalists, the provider, Scrivener doesn’t tell you how to write but does what it does the best, helping you write long journals without keeping you worried about the formatting. Whatever your style of writing is, Scrivener has customized workflows ready for the sake of your convenience. Everything you write in Scrivener is integrated with a project outline that can be managed without even a bit of hassle.

Everything works with a flow in Scrivener, moving the chapters of your long manuscript, opening research works right next to you, referencing earlier chapters for a better flow of writing, everything is provided to you at around $50 for Mac.


ProWritingAid is an alternative for Grammarly with a more affordable price point of $7/mo. It’s also convenient to use as Grammarly is, but focuses more on writing and creative flow rather than tone and structure. ProWritingAid shines where Grammarly doesn’t. Generating a full-fledged report about your writing is possible in ProWritingAid, but not in Grammarly.

ProWritingAid has a community of bloggers, student writers, fiction writers and for all other niches to discuss and solve writing problems.


The award-winning app is the choice of writers of every niche. Ulysses just works. Every feature, function, distraction-free interface, works in parallel with your creative output. The workflow management that Ulysses incorporates in their product is breathtaking and doesn’t let any project, how big it is, not get out of hand.

Available for over 20 languages, Ulysses grammar and style checking provides greater confidence to writers to just write and not think about proofreading later. Not only style checking, but Ulysses also offers a one-click solution to export your writings into anything, from word documents to blog posts, with a single click. And all that with the most affordable price of $4.17/mo and a yearly subscription.

The Bottom Line:

You should also check out Bear, Evernote, and the free open-source program called SimpleNote. When you have a Mac, everything works well with it, so be confident while writing and let the apps do the less significant tasks of correcting and revamping. If you are a student, don’t forget to try out all the apps before subscribing. Most of them offer a trial period for you to get a hang of its features. All the best to you and let’s get writing!